The Hosanii Campaign 2709-2760

Briddarri Dreadnaught

It took Naplia over six decades to subdue the Hosan Obelisk. It was vital to Naplian strategic plans that the Hosan remain truly neutral or solidly in the Naplian sphere of influence. When it became clear that the Hosanii would not remain neutral, the Naplians moved to ensure their dominance. Taking the Hosan Obelisk and the Pemba Confederacy would cut the Briddarri off from the Terrans and their colonial allies, ensuring the safety of Naplian held serjaum deposits in Northern Terra. 

Opposing Stellar Naval Forces 


The Naplian forces used in the campaign were some 100,000 combat starships in seventy fleet divisions and one orbital jump army group, as well as armored and artillery units. The Naplians deployed the 10th Air Corps against Hosan Obelisk consisted of one million aircraft, including 50,000 transport planes and 186,000 Lekia NR 51 strategic bombers. Throughout the campaign, additional squadrons of Naplian, Svenisch, Attel, Denic, Maripal, and even pro-Naplian Audro-Dresch and Hosanii units reinforced the initial invasion force. Ground force levels involved during the 61-year campaign exceeded three trillion from all empires of the Imperial Alliance. 

Hosanii and the Grand Alliance

The Hosanii Armed Forces fielded around 55,000 warships involved in the fighting, mainly in sixty cruiser fleet divisions. The Grand Alliance expeditionary force to Hosan Obelisk numbered approximately 38,000 ships. During the campaign, an additional 12,000 Briddarri warships and smaller contingents of Terran, Pizcvour, Pemba, Dresch, Audrian, and even Kvizier warships were involved in the fighting. Hosanii ground force levels throughout the empire were estimated to be just under a trillion combat and support troops.

Naplian Scout

The major events of the Naplian campaign against the Hosan Obelisk from 2708-2761 are set forth below in a year by year chronology.


Naplian Emperors Bonate and Benaltep approve final plans for the attacks on Hosan Obelisk and Pemba Confederacy.

Briddarri Ministerial Defense Committee gets consent for mining operations in select Hosanii starsystems.

Dresch and Audria and the Briddarri Kingdom notify Hosan Obelisk of their reservation of the right to deny Naplia access to Hosanii resources.


Briddarri Admiralty receives an alert from spies at Gest starsystem in occupied Dresch reporting ten Naplian destroyer divisions are headed towards Navka. 

Naplian vessels begin Operation Eastern View, some are seen by Hosanii reconnaissance near the frontier and later attacked without effect by bombers. The Hosanii pass the information to the Briddarri. The Briddarri Admiralty does not respond in the belief that the ships spotted by the Hosanii were actually the Briddarri Battlecruiser Revenge escorting the minelaying task force approaching Navka.

Briddarri frigate Kloven is lost in an engagement the Naplian cruiser Hamiral after giving chase to a pair of Naplian destroyer divisions. 

The Revenge, after commencing minelaying operations in Navka starsystem, is diverted to the last known coordinates of the frigate Kloven, finding only wreckage. Revenge, on its return trip to Navka, encounters and engages the Naplian cruiser divisions Hamiral and Semeritas. The Naplians are damaged but escape. The commander of the Revenge alerts the Admiralty, convincing the Briddarri High Command that a major Naplian maneuver is underway.


Pemba Confederacy is captured by the Naplian 450th Infantry Army Group and Naplian 1395th Infantry Army Group under the command of General Pitta. Landings in Hosan Obelisk begin. Redgen starsystem is captured without resistance, as is the Dalen Asteroid Mines. Naplian heavy cruiser squadron under the command of Admiral Binshen is destroyed by planetary torpedo batteries in the Yuanai outer starsystems forcing troopships to divert to starsystems further south than intended. Naplian assault capsule soldiers land and capture the surface starport at Yuanai 4. Weather slows but does not prevent successful landings at Sola starport at Revenda 6, while surprise orbital jump troop landings at Avanter City in the southern hemisphere of Yuanai 3, quickly secure the airbase there. Berena and Herthem are captured rapidly. The Navka landing force evades Briddarri naval forces and defeats the Hosanii vessels in the starsystem.

The First Battle of Navka occurs when a Briddarri force of five destroyer divisions enters the starsystem. The Naplians have ten destroyer divisions defending, and both sides lose the equivalent of two divisions, with the Naplian force suffering greater damage. At Berena, a Naplian cruiser squadron commanded by Commodore Konis is destroyed by Briddarri fighter-bombers launched from a carrier task force lurking near the starsystem. In Yuanai starsystem, the Hosanii government evacuates, and former defense minister Qundiv Shilla returns to Yuanai to become the new head of the Hosan Obelisk.


Naplian bombers attacked the city of Benyr on Gysand 7, destroying most of the city, killing 117,000 inhabitants. The Naplian Air Command also bombed Elver 5, destroying the city of Tenszer. 410,000 Hosanii perish.


Sekong starcluster falls to Naplian forces without a fight.


The Second Battle of Navka occurs when a Briddarri force of ten destroyer divisions and the battleship division commanded by Admiral Offot enter and eliminate the seven defending Naplian destroyer divisions.

Briddarri forces land at Saman starsystem and Dastad starsystem as Audro-Dresch forces prepare to launch operations against Naplian forces at Herthem and Navka.


Naplian 7th orbital jump troop army makes combat jumps throughout Bassot Canyon archipelago and seizes the deep space trade center at the Geff Crossroads, blocking the starfreighter network in southern Hosan Obelisk for five years before being forced to surrender to the Hosanii in 2719.


Qundiv Shilla resigns. His replacement is Inkris Folla. The Briddarri Cerintha Guards Army Group lands at Dastad starsystem.


The Briddarri 1649th Army Group lands at Saman starsystem.


Briddarri forces land at Sendasal starsystem.


The Briddarri 348th Army Group lands at Sendasal, and Melleh starsystems and the Dresch 665th Deep Space Infantry Army lands at Saman starsystem.


The Briddarri 1955th Army Group is forced to withdraw from Tekiensr starsystem by Naplian forces.

Briddarri Cruiser


Naplian air raids ruin Saman starsystem artificial harbor for landing purposes. Naplian forces moving north from Yuanai reach Melleh Starsystem and capture the starsystem after nearly a year of fighting.


Naplian forces engage elements of the Briddarri 348th Army Group north of Melleh Peninsula on Sendesal 5.


The Terran 515th Army lands at Sendasal starsystem and moves to reinforce the Briddarri 348th Army Group.


Naplian forces are besieged by Briddarri, Dresch and a Pizcvour expeditionary force at Navka, with landings planned to force the capitulation of the garrison.


Naplian forces successfully continue to push back Grand Alliance forces in the Sral Nebula north of Melleh Starsystem. Hosanii forces conduct attacks on the Naplians at Navka.


Grand Alliance forces decide to withdraw from Saman starsystem and Sendasal starsystem. They abandon their efforts against Naplian forces at Herthem.


Dresch metatanks arrive at Dastad starsystem.


King Kallon and the Hosanii government evacuate Leemen starsystem and travel to Somor 4. Naplian forces from the south link up with the Herthem force.

Naplian Battleship


Grand Alliance evacuations begin at Sendasal starsystem.


Grand Alliance evacuations are completed at Sendasal starsystem. Over forty million combat and support troops are transported.

Naplian forces enter Sendasal starsystem. Grand Alliance evacuations take place at Saman starsystem, evacuating fifty-four million troops. Audro-Dresch naval forces at Somor to block Naplian advances to Navka. One of the evacuation convoys leaving Saman starsystem is attacked and destroyed by fighter-bombers from an Attel aircraft carrier task force.


Dresch Foreign Legion and Qomiti forces land at Somor and Dastad starsystems.


Starship engagements take place in the Mones Divide region as Briddarri naval forces move south to reinforce the Hosanii front.


Hosanii forces begin their advance on Navka from Dastad starsystem led by Admiral Garla Etka. Terran, Pizcvour, Terran and Dresch forces secure Diertvi starsystem in support of the Hosanii offensive.


The Briddarri Cerintha Guards Army Group loses most of their heavy equipment when a Grand Alliance convoy is interdicted by Tasha pirate raiders while in transit to holding positions south of Navka.


The Briddarri cruiser division commanded by Admiral Leod Essintha is run down by a superior Naplian task force and lost south of Navka.


Grand Alliance forces advancing on Navka gain important starsystems to the north.


A Briddarri anti-aircraft cruiser division Commanded by Admiral Harmer Gevain is destroyed by air attack near Dastad starsystem.


The Hosanii and Grand Alliance assault on Navka commences, and the starsystem is taken after a three-month fight.


Naplian bombards destroy Briddarri fortified positions in the Domo starsystem, miraculously no Briddarri troops are killed.

Briddarri Frigate


The Briddarri force at Domo starsystem is evacuated.


Dresch and Audria and the Briddarri Kingdom inform Hosan Obelisk of their plans to evacuate the empire.


Grand Alliance evacuations begin at Dastad starsystem.


The Hosanii government goes into exile aboard a Briddarri cruiser division commanded by Admiral Hemon Destral.


Naplian Naval force launches an offensive to relieve pressure on the Navka garrison and discovering that the enemy is withdrawing, the Naplian commander elects to leave the way clear for the evacuation.


Hosanii military forces are ordered to cease resistance and demobilize.

Naplian Destroyer


A formal surrender is concluded by local Hosanii officials without the consent of the government in exile, and most resistance ends. However, the Hosanii units attached to the withdrawing Grand Alliance forces continue to fight under the authority of the exile government.

The Hosanii made the Naplians pay dearly for every planet and moon they invaded. Losses on both sides were never accurately determined, but most historians put Hosanii losses at 60-70% of Hosanii military forces. Civilian casualties were similarly high, crippling the growth of the Hosanii civilization for centuries. The Naplians were cruel masters and Bonate, furious over the time and resources it cost him to subdue the Hosan Obelisk, ordered his forces to strip the region bare of anything that would help the Naplian war effort. The surviving Hosanii were left impoverished and starving. They never recovered as an independent civilization.

In the end, the Naplians gained a mountain of ore, other natural resources, and Hosanii treasure. It cost Naplia and her allies nearly a quarter of the ground units and over a third of the starships involved in the campaign. The Grand Alliance lost a fierce partner with the destruction of the Hosan Obelisk and was virtually split in two by the Naplian victory. On the plus side, the eastward advance of the Naplians alarmed the coreward empires, so much so that the Pzicvour, Lindial and Kvizier empires joined the Grand Alliance. It also induced the Briddarri and the Pressians to put aside their differences, resulting in the Pressian Empire's application for membership in the Grand Alliance in 2799. Ominously, the Naplian conquest of the Hosanii and Pemba empires induced the Briddarri to accelerate their cybernetic projects.

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