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A Northern Alliance Warship in the 2nd Consular War

NASS Colonel Amran Launched as commercial transport SS Hercule  in  2643. Acquired by the Northern Alliance Navy February 2666. Commissioned as the NASS Colonel Amran in  June 2666. Lost 26 August 2667. General Characteristics Type:                Converted Cruiser Tonnage:        5210 tons Length:           162 m Beam:               30 m Height:             21 m Propulsion:    Single Alois MK 122 hyperjump drive. Single thrust Erlanger C-23 ripwave drive Crew:                 177 crew and officers Service history The ship was built in the New Ohio starsystem, in 2643, as the SS  Hercule , and was owned by the Balarut Towing Co. of New Orleans, Sol 3 (Earth.) She was taken over in 2666 by General Mansfield Amran, commanding the New Provenance military district, and converted to a warship by the installation of double bulwarks, two six-inch railgun turrets, and one-inch armor plating. She operated under the direction of the Northern Alliance War Department and was

Takamo Universe Books in Production

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