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A Taste of Last Run of the Ice Duchess

I wanted to give you a taste of the next book off the production line in early 2019. 

Last Run of the Ice Duchess byShona Husk
Chapter One
Every time Berne Ober came to the planet Distan 7, it seemed to be raining. Hopefully, this would be the last trip. The support would be secured, and the Northern Alliance would be created. He walked down the street to the dining club where he was meeting his contact. There were other people on the street, all going about their business. Rain didn’t stop them here, if it did, they would never get anything done.
For what had started as a military outpost to protect the mine, the city of Durura had modernized and moved past the essentials, but not by much. It was still a military-run city filled with diplomats and spies. It was crude in places, with no soft edges and gentle landscaping. The ongoing cold war and trade embargoes with the Terran Republic had taken their toll and stripped everything and everyone back to the bare minimum.
But no one seemed re…

A Cyborg Christmas by AR DeClerck

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The Invasion of the Dulte Kingdom

The Dulte Kingdom
The Dulte Kingdom is an empire of two humanoid alien races, the majority Dulte that are genetically related to the Dresch, and the Betian, sometimes pronounced Begian, minority people that are more closely associated with the Audrian and Naplian races. The Kingdom is squeezed between the Briddarri in the north, the Naplians to the west, The Dresch to the south and the Languan worlds to the east. Historically, the Dulte commanded powerful trade fleets that ranged throughout the Rimward Reaches. The Dulte Kingdom has been at various times allied or at war with all of her neighbors, trade rights being uniformly the reason for alliance or enmity. The two exceptions to this rule were the First Audrian War, where the Dulte Kingdom sided with the Audrians against the Onwe Naplian throne, and the Emperors' War that followed hard on the heels of the former conflict.
Still suffering from the effects of the First Audrian War, the Dulte government declared neutrality when the …

Conquest of Pemba Confederation 2709-2715

Assault on Pemba Confederacy

The Naplian fleet crossed the Pemba border in late 2709. In a coordinated action, Naplian troops disembarked at the docks of Mendigara deep space starport located in the Cevarnin starsystem, which was the capital system of Bereschal province on the southern border of Pemba. Naplian orbital jump units also captured Balagorge airfield on Cevarnin 4. Simultaneously, an ultimatum demanding immediate surrender was presented by the Naplian ambassador to Premier Costian Markt in the Pemba capital Drikala on Mengi 4. The Pemba military was small and ill-equipped but resisted across the empire; most notably, the Governor’s Guard located at Magalian Palace in the cityworld of Opvun 3, and forces in the Helvanna province on the southwestern frontier. The Grand Alliance and the Briddarri, in particular, sent token forces to assist the Pemba, but no serious efforts to relieve the beleaguered empire were ever undertaken. Grand Alliance leaders planned to stop the Naplian…

The Hosanii Campaign 2709-2760

It took Naplia over six decades to subdue the Hosan Obelisk. It was vital to Naplian strategic plans that the Hosan remain truly neutral or solidly in the Naplian sphere of influence. When it became clear that the Hosanii would not remain neutral, the Naplians moved to ensure their dominance. Taking the Hosan Obelisk and the Pemba Confederacy would cut the Briddarri off from the Terrans and their colonial allies, ensuring the safety of Naplian held serjaum deposits in Northern Terra. 
Opposing Stellar Naval Forces 

The Naplian forces used in the campaign were some 100,000 combat starships in seventy fleet divisions and one orbital jump army group, as well as armored and artillery units. The Naplians deployed the 10th Air Corps against Hosan Obelisk consisted of one million aircraft, including 50,000 transport planes and 186,000 Lekia NR 51 strategic bombers. Throughout the campaign, additional squadrons of Naplian, Svenisch, Attel, Denic, Maripal, and even pro-Naplian Audro-Dresc…

Takamo Universe Books in Production

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  • Resonance Factor -- by AR DeClerck
  • Strife's Cost -- by Steve Rzasa
  • The Last Run of the Ice Duchess -- by Shona Husk