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Denica, Naplia's Human Ally

Denica was an ally of the Naplian Empire. It was a humanoid kingdom of about 10 million, starsystems. It had a considerable star fleet and its merchant navy was also very large for the size of the empire. 

Denica was located in The Rimward Reaches. It was south of Audria and was bordered on the southeast by the Rutak Empire, to the west by the Qomiti, and to the south by the Ffawe Naplians across the Dattic Sea. Denica was part of the Naplian Imperial Alliance. The Kingdom of Denica was a sovereign state that encompassed Denica and two autonomous constituent territories in the central Rimward Reaches; the Fanges Constellations and the Gamalant Spur. The territory consisted of the main cluster and an archipelago of 469,273 named constellations of which around 370,000 are inhabited. 
Denics enjoyed a high standard of living and the kingdom ranked highly in some metrics of empire performance, including education, healthcare, protection of civil liberties, democratic governance, pros…

Admiral Donan and Emperor Benaltep

Admiral Donan and Benaltep

     Admiral Hansal Donan peered thoughtfully out of the portal of his command shuttle as it approached the juggernaut NIS Cachalon, the flagship of the emperor's personal fleet. He'd been summoned to confer with emperor Benaltep. Meetings with the emperor were always trying for Donan. He never knew what to expect. At times the emperor just wanted someone to speak with to drive away the loneliness or to help focus his military genius. Donan and his colleagues had often been sounding boards for Benaltep, and so, witnesses to some of the greatest moments in the history of interstellar warfare. Benaltep could also be mean and petty, threatening even to shoot his officers for dereliction of duty when they had in fact been utterly courageous, if unsuccessful, in their mission. 

     Donan's last meeting with the emperor had been less than happy. The battle for the Durian starsystem, a star in Donan's area of operation, was going badly and  Benaltep …

Admiral Daviont and Colonel Laviond

An Excerpt from Empire's RiftBy Steve Rzasa 
     Admiral Daviont perused the reports from the III Corps. There was more spread across the hologram floating in his office than a lone eye could take in, but he preferred this—the wider view.

It was encouraging. The bulk of his forces had arrived in the vicinity of the Baedecker System two days ago. They’d lost a handful of ships to mechanical failure and jump disasters, but all the fuel tankers they brought along had mercifully been spared. Now they waited, three light-years out from Baedecker, in the depths of interstellar space. 
     His force of 70 ships would target the system itself, while nearly 100 other ships of their flying column assaulted various bases and settlements in the sector. Their mission was to keep Terran reinforcements at bay and assure Daviont of zero interference in his conquest of the Baedecker System. 
     The reports from the Corps quartermasters, however, was less stellar. Fuel supplies were dangerously low…


Naplian technology did not differ significantly from the other empires of the Rimward Reaches except for short-range hyperspace jump technology. Naplian jump-drive engineers on the desert world of Attabrak 4 had developed an engine that allowed lightning-fast short range hyperspace jumps of a few hundred meters. Up until that point, hyperspace drives had to spool up for hours depending on distance and engine type, and a course had to be laid in before the jump could be accomplished. Starship engineers across the Rim dreamed of a small, powerful hyperspace drive that could jump quickly, perhaps with spooling times of twenty minutes or less. It would mean quick movement in battle, thus depriving the enemy of accurate targeting information. The Naplians managed to do that and more. They developed perfectly phased, super-fast short range micro-jump engines which could instantly lay in random stutter-step jumps of 500 meters to 3 kilometers along the ship's ripwave navigation path. Th…


The NISF were the state police of the Naplian Empire. There were three main branches within the NISF with some external organizations.
The SANWEI were the uniformed police of the empire. They worked routine police patrols, enforcement, and criminal investigations. They were also court security. Limited anti-partisan operations were often detailed to the Sanwei. The Sanwei encompassed virtually all of Imperial Naplia's law-enforcement and emergency response organizations, including fire brigades, orbital guard, and civil defense. In the prewar period, Ffawe General Ta At Niher and Tur Da Lug, chief of the Onwe Imperial Police, cooperated in transforming the police force of the old Onwe Naplian Empire into militarized formations ready to serve Benaltep and Bonate's aims of conquest. Police troops were first formed into battalion-sized formations for the invasion of Audria, where they were deployed for security and policing purposes, and…

The Real Gorkhan VII

Gorkhan VII Cyborg and Cybernetic Chassis Division

The Truth
Gorkhan VII was a crucial player in Stelltron's efforts to promote the development of cyborg military units for use by the Grand Alliance. Stelltron worked secretly with Briddarri officials to convince the Grand Alliance that the only hope of defeating the Naplians and their allies was the mass production of cyborg soldiers. The means of doing that would be the wholesale harvest of vast numbers of inhabited starsystems.STELLTRON ACQUISITION
Gorkhan VII was purchased by the Stelltron conglomerate in 2909. Gorkhan VII became Stelltron's prestige division, devoted to the production of large Precision weapons platforms.

The Truth
After a careful survey of the Lavond & Bonchan Manufacturing Company, Stelltron realized that they could secretly build an android police force that would be able to enforce the harvest of whole worlds once the Grand Alliance had been convinced of the necessity of a cyber army.


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