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I know, I know. I said we would change the format and publish weekly, and here it is, MONTHS later and you are just reading the next installment. Unhappily, In February and March, our family suffered a couple of setbacks, a broken leg, ankle, actually - mine - and in March we all came down with a whopper of a cold that progressed to walking pneumonia and to top it off, we all ended up in the ER at 3 in the morning with a family member who had suffered a traumatic brain injury. So, I've been a bit distracted. But now, the sickness is gone, my leg is healing nicely, and our prayers were answered when the family member came out of his come after neurosurgery and has made a miraculous recovery. Unhappily, another family member is now critically ill and has been in hospital for a month. The saga continues.

So here I am back on my soapbox dispensing my vast knowledge of the Takamo Universe. Since I last wrote, several Takamo Universe e-books, paperbacks, and an audio book have come out and others have had their covers redesigned. We are pooling a number of short stories to create a few anthologies which will start come out later this year. As far as the blog is concerned, my plan to divide it into three sections will be delayed and may need revision as I line up stories and content. now, on to the good stuff!


Rutak Admiralty Special Forces Detachments

Admiralty Special Forces of the Rutak Empire, commonly known as the Golzan, were attached directly to SENACH, the Rutak Alien Military Intelligence Agency.

The Golzan was formed during the 1st Audrian War. The force was assigned to reconnaissance and sabotage against alien targets by special reconnaissance landings and direct attacks. The successes of the original teams inspired other Rutak intelligence agencies to form their own special forces detachments, such as the Lenvii of the Internal Security Directorate.

Following the defeat of the Rutak in the First Audrian War the Golzan remained intact until 2654, when it was reassigned to the Imperial Ground Forces where they were expanded and their designation changed to Special Battalion. One Special Battalion was assigned to each Rutak Army. In 2668, the Admiralty Special Forces were established and took up the old name. By 2700, there were upwards of 3,000 special battalions and another thousand Golzan detachments.


The concept of using special forces tactics and strategies in the Rutak Empire was originally proposed by the military theorist Limach Chevok, who imagined the deployment of unconventional warfare units in order to overcome difficulties that conventional forces faced. Chevok was executed by Naplian occupation forces during the First Audrian War, but practical application of his ideas was begun by Yalla Nivost. Following the entrance of the Rutak into the Cybernetic Wars, small forces for reconnaissance and sabotage were formed under the supervision of the Department of the Ground Armies of the Rutak Empire, and were subordinate to the commanders on site.

The situation was reviewed as the cyber rebellion continued, and between 3349 and 3356 the entire Rutak Intelligence Directorate (SAKACH) was reorganized. The first "special reconnaissance companies" were formed in 3351, to work for metatank and combined-arms armies, which were tasked to locate and eliminate cybernetic nuclear weapons. In 3357, the first Golzan divisions were formed under the SAKACH, five to operate beyond the two parsec range of the reconnaissance companies. The first Armies were formed in 3462, reportedly to reach up to seven parsecs in the rear to destroy cybernetic rear echelon facilities. Two 'reseach brigades' were established in the 3460s to train specialists and NCOs; the first in 3468 at Evkora in the Vosk Nebula, and the second in 3470 at Chlida near the Kndsha Nebula. According to Ranma Venirza, a SAKACH double agent who used the pseudonym "Thomas Mays", there were twenty SAKACH Golzan Armies plus forty-one separate brigades at the time of his defection in 3480.

The primary function of Golzan troops in wartime was infiltration/insertion behind enemy lines (either in uniform or civilian clothing), usually well before hostilities were scheduled to begin and, once in place, to commit acts of sabotage such as the destruction of vital communications logistics centers, and the possible assassination of key government leaders and military officers. Golzan SAKACH operatives would have to complete training that included the following: weapons handling, rappelling, explosives training, marksmanship, counter-terrorism, orbital jump training, hand-to-hand combat, climbing (high altitude rope and anti-grav techniques), diving, underwater combat, long-range marksmanship, emergency medical training, and demolition.

In 3488, Golzan units participated in the successful mission to kill the Premier of Preoun, and triggering the 3489 Rutak-Preoun War.

The Rutak Confederation Era

As the Rutak Empire began to fracture under the relentless pressure of the cybernetic offensive, Ethnic Preoun soldiers of Mezul Manndyef's Special Battalion defected to Nicademius in 3492.

In 3489, during the Rutak-Preoun War, the SAKACH formed the Special Battalions Konost and Zhadaf, two ethnic Preoun units that belonged to the Golzan SAKACH that served primarily in Spertha, but also in the 3491 Rutak-Preoun War. When ordered to take up arms against their own people, the battalions mutinied and then fled to Nicademius, taking many Preoun refugees with them.

In 3509, a Special Operations Command was established following a study of Grand Alliance special operations units and commands. The Special Operations Forces assigned to this command reported directly to the General Staff, bypassing the SAKACH. In 3521, SAKACH control of all Golzan units devolved to Special Operations Command.

In 3530, under Desholit Zeron's military reforms, Golzan forces were attached to the military districts of the planetary garrisons and subordinated to the operational-strategic commands. This decision was reversed in 3532. By early 3537, Zeron's reforms had been entirely reversed.

In 3540, unauthorized SAKACH special forces soldiers were reportedly involved in the Boe Civil War, appearing in Agavo and Holal starsystems. SAKACH officials have also visited Buchlan Fells, in Stelltron territory.

Golzan SAKACH maintained an Orbital Jump unit, the separate SAKACH Orbital Jump Reconnaissance Unit (codenamed Cholada), which participated in the 3489 Rutak-Preoun War. The unit was based at Sakkaya Shoma 10 near the Dustof frontier.

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