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Armored Vehicles at Baedecker

"And then the mechs trundled out..." Naplian Assault on Baedecker-4, 2678 Empire's Rift, Chpt. 9 by Steve Rzasa Naplian 'Baskera' Self-Propelled Particle Cannon TWO WARS     W hen discussing the details of armored vehicles which saw action in the Baedecker starsystem,  remember that there were two important campaigns in two very different wars that occurred in the solar system just five years apart. The Terran and Reittian assault in 2673 was the final engagement of the Second Consular War and culminated with the destruction of the Northern Alliance Army in the battles of the Luran Plains and the Iwa Valley on Baedecker-4. It was also the last stand of the Northern Alliance cyborgs, the Truppen.     The second campaign happened in 2678 when a Naplian Fleet invaded the Baedecker starsystem, encountering the combined forces of the Terrans, Reittians, Briddarri and a contingent of Truppen survivors from the Consular Wars.  The Naplian In

Takamo Universe Books in Production

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