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Gorkhan VII Cybernetics

GORKHAN VII CYBERNETIC COMPANY Cyborg and Cybernetic Chassis Division Predecessor   Hal Ferkov Company Founded August 22, 2902 Founders D.A. Snodgrass Levran Barker Feremin Lavond Headquarters  New York City, Sol-3, Terran Republic Area served Vortak, Alluree, Seven Moons, Tessali, Vespa, Distan Colonies, Plakavian, Serethia Key people Nojer Im Seynecht, President, Gorkhan VII Products  Cyborg and Cybernetic weapons platforms Production output 170,750,000,000 units per year (3014) Owner view Stelltron OVERVIEW Gorkhan VII, formally the Gorkhan Weapons Division, was a division of Stelltron that marketed high-grade weapons platforms. Its primary markets were the Briddarri, Laterad , and Seven Moons, but Gorkhan VII-branded weapons platforms were distributed in 34 additional markets galaxywide. Historically, Gorkhan VII chassis held a place at the top of the precision chassis field within the Briddarri Kingdom. In 3016, Gorkhan VII's Briddarri sales were 17,0

Takamo Universe Books in Production

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  • Strife's Cost -- by Steve Rzasa
  • The Last Run of the Ice Duchess -- by Shona Husk