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The Eission Raid

A Desperate Gamble    Every defense alarm in the solar system screamed when the four lance-shaped starships slammed out of hyperspace on top of the 3rd planet and shimmered into view. The hyperspace shockwave sent an orbital shuttle dock reeling out of control and flaming into the atmosphere. Ground level structures on the near side of the world flattened as the hyperspace wave whiplashed across the surface. Beyond the fifth planet’s orbit, a pair of outward-bound Naplian frigates trimmed energy output and came about to intercept the raiders. Further in, a Naplian battlecruiser wallowed in the orbit of the second planet as it got underway.    Aboard the raider flagship, the heavy cruiser RBS Turquoise , Admiral Parl took stock of the situation. Three enemy ships were in the system, but none were in a position to interfere with his operation. The fuel Shuttle dock had been knocked out on entry as planned but the orbital defense station, with its spine-mounted  particle  guns,

Takamo Universe Books in Production

  • Decaying Orbit -- by AR DeClerck
  • Resonance Factor -- by AR DeClerck
  • Strife's Cost -- by Steve Rzasa
  • The Last Run of the Ice Duchess -- by Shona Husk