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The Naaklik Stock Exchange

Vital Statistics Location :                       Kiata starsystem, Naaklik Empire  Founded :                       1508  Key Owner :                   Dozchtva Exchange, Rutak Empire (49%, largest shareholder) Key people :                   Sito Anber, Founding Chairman  Currency :                      Naaklik Giryvni (NG)  Indices :                          NSX Index Avg. No. of listings :   181 billion Kiata Starsystem    The Naaklik Exchange was the largest stock exchange in the Naaklik Empire. The exchange was located in the Kiata starsystem and accounted for three-quarters of Naaklik's equity trading volume. The Exchange was founded in 1508, and its premises were situated in the Crescent Tower station orbiting Kiata 7. History    In 1508 the largest participants of the Naaklik securities market signed a  memorandum of understanding with the Rutak Stock Exchange to create a new exchange in the form of an open joint-stock company in Kiata

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