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Space Miners' Guild

Mercia Class Refinery Ship Pan-Human Independent Miners Union   The Space Miners' Guild (SMG) was a galaxy-wide mining guild best known for representing human miners exclusively and for its violently xenophobic treatment of alien races. The Guild also served human health care workers, human pilots, human manufacturing workers and human government employees in Borthan and other human empires across the galaxy. While its primary focus was on human workers and their rights, the SMG also advocated for better trade routes, human schools, and universal health care for humans.  Open Pit Serjaum Mine Lewton Juns Lewton Juns (2620 – 2769) , a Borthan, human, was a pusillanimous SMG president who controlled the guild from 2670 to 2761. A significant player in the labor movement and galactic politics, in the 2680s he used SMG activists to organize new unions in gravcars, metals, and synthetics. He was the driving force behind the founding of the Assembly of Industr

Takamo Universe Books in Production

  • Decaying Orbit -- by AR DeClerck
  • Resonance Factor -- by AR DeClerck
  • Strife's Cost -- by Steve Rzasa
  • The Last Run of the Ice Duchess -- by Shona Husk