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Abvan - Truppen Special Assault Section And Terran Counterparts

"Stand by on the particle cannon...You might want to look away."   Empire's Rift, Chpt. 20 by Steve Rzasa NAS Hessian Abvan Were Truppen Assault Formations Classified As Shock Troops    O n the Westcentral Front in 2652, the Northern Alliance formed a Truppen unit called the Rhoda Battalion to develop Truppen assault tactics. The Rhoda Truppen were then assigned as cadre to train thirty-six Abvan Divisions of three brigades each. There were two regiments to a brigade. In most cases, regiments were deployed independently and attached to a Northern Alliance Infantry Corps. They were spacemobile and airmobile. These formations would usually lead an attack. Often better equipped than other Truppen infantry, they were expected to take heavy casualties. Abvan units engaged the enemy with overwhelming force, as opposed to special forces units operating in small teams.     Grenadiertruppen were specialized Abvan formations specializing in siege op

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