Naplian and Briddarri Movements at Navka 2709

Fleet Movements

The Naplian invasion first started in 2709 when supply vessels began to head out in advance of the main force. The Grand Alliance initiated their plans in the following week, with sixteen Grand Alliance stealthships ordered to the Kerja Nebula and Settara Asteroid Fields to serve as a screen and give advance warning of any further Naplian response to the Hosanii protection of refugee flotillas. The following week Admiral Lian Hortha in the dreadnaught Revenge set out from Fiscap, the home port of the Briddarri Naval Command, for the Hosan frontier with twelve Imla class frigates. As the weeks passed, a series of energy storms began to build up along the Dresch and Hosanii frontiers. Revenge's force was soon caught in a heavy ion storm, and the frigate Kloven had to drop out of formation due to a damaged stardrive.

The Naplians used the storms as a screen for their approaching forces. The first elements launch were Groups 1 and 2. These ships had to make the longest hyperjumps. The two Naplian groups were discovered about fifty parsecs south of Navka by Hosan Air patrols and reported as one cruiser squadron and a destroyer squadron. The following squadron of bombers sent out to attack the Naplian ships found them twenty-five parsecs farther north than first reported. They made an unsuccessful attack, but the Naplian group's strength was revised and published as one battlecruiser division two cruiser divisions and ten destroyer divisions. Strict enforcement of burst communications silence meant that the bombers were not able to report this for many hours. On learning of the Naplian movement, the Briddarri Admiralty concluded that the Naplians were attempting to use their fleet to disrupt Briddarri trade routes to the Terran Republic.

Revenge arrived at Navka and maintained position at the edge of the starsystem while the frigates proceeded with their minelaying operation. Meanwhile, the Naplians launched the remainder of their invasion force. Kloven, on her way to rejoin Revenge, happened to encounter two Naplian destroyers, the Vanrim, and the Luhan. Kloven opened fire, and the Naplian destroyers fled, signaling for aid. The nearby cruiser Hamiral responded and made a short hyperjump to engage Kloven. During the action, the captain of the Kloven closed with Hamiral to point-blank range, unleashing all its weapons. Crippling damage was inflicted on Hamiral’s starboard flank. Kloven was destroyed by Hamrial’s replying salvo immediately afterward. During the fight, Kloven had broken comms silence and sent a signal burst to the Admiralty. The transmission was incomplete, but the Admiralty knew that Kloven had engaged a sizeable Naplian ship and contact with the frigate was lost. In response, the Briddarri Admiralty ordered Revenge and her frigates to jump to Kloven's last known location.

Revenge and her escorts reached the location of the Kloven two days later and found the wreckage of the missing ship. As the task force was heading back to Navka, they encountered the Hamiral and her sister ship Semeritas. Revenge engaged the two warships off the Fevermar Archipelago and opened fire. Revenge scored several hits on the Naplian vessels, forcing them to flee north. Revenge attempted to pursue, but the Naplian warships used their superior speed to escape.

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Ship Design by 

David Snodgrass and Dmitry Borodin


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