Conquest of Pemba Confederation 2709-2715

Naplian Bombard

Assault on Pemba Confederacy

The Naplian fleet crossed the Pemba border in late 2709. In a coordinated action, Naplian troops disembarked at the docks of Mendigara deep space starport located in the Cevarnin starsystem, which was the capital system of Bereschal province on the southern border of Pemba. Naplian orbital jump units also captured Balagorge airfield on Cevarnin 4. Simultaneously, an ultimatum demanding immediate surrender was presented by the Naplian ambassador to Premier Costian Markt in the Pemba capital Drikala on Mengi 4. The Pemba military was small and ill-equipped but resisted across the empire; most notably, the Governor’s Guard located at Magalian Palace in the cityworld of Opvun 3, and forces in the Helvanna province on the southwestern frontier. The Grand Alliance and the Briddarri, in particular, sent token forces to assist the Pemba, but no serious efforts to relieve the beleaguered empire were ever undertaken. Grand Alliance leaders planned to stop the Naplians in the Hosan Obelisk, thereby cutting off any Naplian forces north of Hosanii space. To do this, they rejected any operation which drained forces from the Hosanii Theater of Operations. Pemba would have to weather the storm and settle for whatever scraps the Grand Alliance could spare.

Within three years, the small Pemba surface Air Force had been eliminated. By 2715 Naplian forces had penetrated far enough into Pemba that Henshva Ha-226 bombers were threatening to drop their payloads over Drikala. Premier Costian, having consulted with Prime Minister Davl Ning, Foreign Minister Puns Fulog and the commanders of the army and the navy, decided to capitulate, believing that further resistance would only result in a useless loss of Pemba lives. By mid-2715, except for the two westernmost provinces, all of the Pemba Confederacy had capitulated. The Pemba public was instructed by the government to cooperate with Naplian authorities. Naplia's occupation of Pemba Confederacy lasted until 3102.

The Briddarri government was entirely taken by surprise when the Pemba confederation surrendered. The Briddarri navy and army units in Pemba space withdrew to the western provinces of the Pemba Confederacy where the provincial legislatures of Federan and Dolior rejected the Pemba surrender declaration.  A large part of the Pemba merchant marine escaped the occupation, as Ernva Milost, President of the Mengia shipping company, in September of 2710 instructed his ships on in deep space to move to Grand Alliance or neutral ports.

In a pre-emptive move to prevent a Naplian invasion from the east, Briddarri forces occupied the Raffey Starfields in 2709, then a Pemba province in the unclaimed region between Pemba and the Languan Worlds. When the Naplian landings at Opvun and Cevarnin, as well as the skirmishes in the Helvanna province became known. Not willing to disperse too thinly due to the unknown location of two Naplian naval corps operating in northern Dulte, the Briddarri chose to focus on the nearby Raffey Starfields and dispatched a task force to southeastern Pemba. Naval reconnaissance soon reported a stronger force than anticipated in the Dulte Kingdom, and this caused the Briddarri to recall the force and instead to detach a division of that force to secure the Raffey Starfields. During the three-month operation to seize the Raffey systems,  Naplian strategic bombers launched a series of assaults of against the Raffey detachment. These attacks resulted in the loss of some destroyers, including RBS Fressa, the flagship of Admiral Revand Gerana, commander of the Raffey detachment, who was killed in the attack. This Naplian air superiority in the area led the Briddarri to decide that all southern approaches to the Raffey Starfields had to be left to stealthships and the long-range fighter patrols, while combat vessels would concentrate in the northern sectors of the Raffey. The Raffey Starfields were never conquered, and the Raffey parliament governed the Raffey systems for the duration of the war with Naplia.

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Ship Design by David Snodgrass, 

Model by Camilo Aldana and Dmitry Borodin


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