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Great News!

I'm doing away with the regularly scheduled blog to tell you about some exciting developments about Takamo Universe Science Fiction Novels.

Kevin J. Anderson Presents 


At long last, the sequel to Empire's Rift is going into Wordfire Press to be edited, blocked up and released as the next volume in the Kevin J. Anderson Presents series. This is the continuing story of the heroes and villains of Baedecker Starsystem. This time, they are headed to the Great Desert Rift.

Volume 2 of the Aeon Project 



Artwork & Cover Design

S.H. Sheffield Art


The sequel to An Enduring Sun by AR DeClerck is being formatted for release as I write this. Dark Star is the continuing tale of a band of cyborg refugees, the women they love. They've managed to get out of one scrape but landed in two more. This is science fiction romance that swims in Takamo Universe action and lore. It is a story that will delight classic science fiction lovers and sci-fi romance fans alike.

Volume 2 of the Muto Chronicles



The continuing adventures of Frohic the Muto Rhat. This time he's on his way into Phantatwain territory in the northern reaches of the galaxy and he's bringing along some old friends and some additions to the crew of an Origa class commercial cruiser. They are in search of strange new technologies in some very ancient worlds with some very old enemies.

Next...The North Colonies Fight

Artwork by 

James Ledger, Mike Fong, KS Augustin, Sabrina Sheffield, Dusty Crosley, and BA Sparks


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