Outside the Obelisk

The Writers’ War


The Writer's War was so named after the intense and provocative media campaigns on both sides that led to the conflict. In reality, Pizcvour had been planning the attack long before the news media began their fusillades. When Pizcvour started its attack against Malatase in 2707, the Grand Alliance found themselves aligned with Hosan Obelisk and Pemba Confederacy in support of Malatase against the much stronger aggressor.

After the outbreak of war between Malatase and the Pizcvour, Hosan Obelisk mobilized larger land and fleet forces than had initially been considered necessary. By early 2708 their 6th Fleet in Malmarc Nebula and Tranna Starhold fielded 9,500 starships to defend against Pizcvour attack, positioned mainly in the eastern regions of Malmarc Nebula. Parts of the 6th Fleet's forces remained in the Nebula even after the Naplian invasion, guarding against a possible Pizcvour attack. During the Writers’ War, the Hosanii authorities secretly broke the empire's own neutrality by sending the Malatase a shipment of 1200 Fermeir 7.5 cm Model 2701 artillery pieces and 120,000 particle shells, as well as allowing the Briddarri to use Hosanii territory to transfer aircraft and other weaponry to Malatase.

This presented an opportunity for the Grand Alliance who, while utterly indifferent to Malatase, saw a chance to use the pretense of sending support, to occupy ore fields in Pemba Confederacy and starports in Hosan Obelisk. The plan, promoted by the Briddarri General Erman Tredeman, included two armies landing in Navka starsystem, five fleet divisions somewhere in Mid-Hosan Obelisk, and another two fleet divisions at Herthem.

The Naplians viewed any distraction that would draw Grand Alliance forces away from the Naplian theater of operations to be a plus for the Imperial Alliance. This Briddarri plan, which was leaked to the Naplians, worried them because they had agreed that Malatase would be within the Pizcvour sphere of interest.  The Naplian policy caused a rise in anti-Naplian sentiment throughout the outer core region since it was commonly believed that the Naplians were allied with the Pizcvours. At the same time, the Naplian high command began to fear that Hosan Obelisk and Pemba Confederacy would allow Grand Alliance fleet movements into Hosanii space to aid the Malatase.

However, the Grand Alliance deployments never occurred. Both Hosan Obelisk and Pemba Confederacy protested when the issue of transfer of troops through their territory was suggested. With the Malatase-Pizcvour Manerva-4 Peace Treaty in 2708, the Malatase-related Grand Alliance plans were dropped. 

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Artwork by 

James Ledger


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