The Hosanii Choose Sides


The Hosan Obelisk was an empire situated north of the Terran Orta. They were a quadruped race blessed with four arms as well. The average Hosanii was about the size of a Terran Clydesdale horse. They led in the main a herbivorous lifestyle but were in fact omnivores. Their exotic fishing industry was famous throughout the Rimward Reaches.  

Neutrals No More

Although it shared their western border with the Dresch, the Hosan Obelisk was not a member of either the Grand Alliance nor were they fans of the Imperial Naplians. The Hosanii maintained an aloof neutrality in Rimward politics. Only after the Naplians pressed the remnants of the Dresch to the Hosan frontier did the Obelisk have to choose sides. At first, the Hosan Obelisk fleets, awaiting orders from Naval Command, held the retreating Grand Alliance squadrons at the border. The Hosanii government hesitated, fearing Naplian reprisals if they admitted the refugees and Grand Alliance sanction if they refused. After weeks of fruitless requests for instructions, while witnessing numerous Naplian atrocities, the Hosan commanders in the field took matters into their own hands.  The Commander of the Western Frontier fleets ordered his forces to screen fleeing Grand Alliance and refugee vessels, permitting them to pass into Hosan Obelisk territory. Pursuing Naplian squadrons found themselves face to face with Hosanii battle squadrons. 

When the Naplian emperors learned of Hosanii actions, they ordered their naval forces to press forward and engage the Hosanii fleets. So far as Bonate and Benaltep were concerned, the Obelisk had abandoned their studied neutrality. Bonate swore that he would make them pay dearly for their treachery.

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Artwork by 

Max Bagdasarov, James Ledger, and Julian Schlottman


Copyright 2018 Kgruppe LLC


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