President Saito

Olympus Mons News Service 
September 21st, 2699 
Red Sands, Mars

     Admittedly disturbed by the news from the Northwestern Frontier, President Saitois hurrying her aboard the navy cruiser Ahmad Yani after scrapping plans for a more ceremonious landing at the New Annapolis Starbase in order to meet with the War Cabinet at Whitehook Stardrome in the event of renewed Naplian aggression. 

     The War Cabinet is awaiting the arrival of the president at Whitehook early tomorrow to brief him on the latest developments. Mr. Saito plans to study the War Cabinet reports while traveling to Camp Trevor in the Tharsis Uplands. After debarking from the Ahmad Yani at about 8 a.m. Olympus time zone (12 p.m. Eastern time zone - Earth) the president will first meet with General Andrew Watsal, his military attache, and Rear Admiral Russell Vess, the presidential physician. He is expected to stop long enough to hold a brief vid-conference with Home secretary Elaine Arminstadt and embassies in the Outland Colonies and the Union of Planets about recent developments.

     Once at Camp Trevor in the early afternoon the President will have before him a report from the War Industries Committee on the condition of the Republic's munitions and heavy industry. The committee has been canvassing the aviation and starship industries to assess Terran preparedness for war.


Artwork by Camilo Aldana and Dmitri Borodin


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