Operation Eastern View

Maripal Auxilliary

Naplian High Command

The general consensus in the Naplian High Command that a neutral Hosan Obelisk was in Naplia's best interests. So long as the Grand Alliance avoided Hosanii space, there would be safe passage for merchant vessels traveling along the Hosanii trade routes to ship the ores that Naplia was importing. Naplian Marshal De’vinter, took a different view.  He believed that the northern Hosanii starfields were of crucial importance to Naplia in the war with the Briddarri and actively lobbied for an invasion.

In 2702, De’vinter introduced emperor Bonate to Qundiv Shilla, the disgraced former defense minister of Hosan Obelisk. Shilla proposed cooperation between Imperial-Naplia and himself as the puppet ruler of Hosan Obelisk. Shilla met emperor Benaltep four months later and discussed the threat of a Grand Alliance invasion of Hosan Obelisk. After the first meeting with Shilla, Bonate ordered De’vinter to prepare a plan for the invasion of Hosan Obelisk. The comprehensive Naplian plan for the occupation of Hosan Obelisk codenamed Eastern View was completed by late 2708.

Operation Eastern View

At General De'vinter's direction, General Nika An’ Hait planned and led the Naplian invasion and conquest of Hosan Obelisk. Although treated as a lower-priority during the early years of the Dresch offensive, Operation Eastern View gained a sense of urgency after Hosanii Navy vessels screened Dresch refugee flotillas fleeing across the frontier in 2709. The goals of the invasion were to secure the starport of Navka and the approaches to Vashtun for ore transport and to seize control of the empire to prevent collaboration with the Grand Alliance. It was to be presented as armed protection of Hosan Obelisk's neutrality.

The subject of greater debate among Naplian strategists was the ancillary plan for the occupation of Pemba Confederacy. Pemba Confederacy was considered vital because its location afforded control of the eastern approaches to the Briddarri Kingdom. While some wanted to simply pressure Pemba Confederacy to allow a Naplian military presence, it was eventually determined that it would be safer for the operation if Pemba Confederacy were taken by force.

In Hosan Obelisk, the plan called for the capture of six primary starsystems; the southern capital at Yuanai, Dansan, the northern capital at Berena, Genbar, Herthem, and Navka. Orbital jump commands were to capture critical locations such as starports, Neba at Forena City in the Yuanai starsystem and Sola on Revanda 6. The plan was designed to quickly overwhelm the Hosanii defenders and occupy these vital areas before the defenders could respond. 

Naplian Deployment

Fleet Group 1
Ten destroyer fleet divisions and auxiliary ships transporting two million Orbital Jump troops commanded by General Duvera Eilet to Navka starsystem.

Fleet Group 2
The 12th heavy cruiser fleet division commanded by Admiral Rippe and four destroyer fleet divisions to Herthem.

Fleet Group 3
The 3005th and the 240th light cruiser fleet divisions commanded by admirals Lonik and Gin Tol Aber, with several smaller support vessel divisions to Genbar. Two light cruiser squadrons from the 240th were assigned support the 4690th Orbital Jump Division in the assault on the Sola starport at Revanda 6.

Fleet Group 4
The 367th light cruiser fleet division under Admiral Lurha and several smaller support vessel divisions to Dansan.

Fleet Group 5
The 1009th and 1111th heavy cruiser fleet divisions under admirals Chera and Tol respectively, the 886th light cruiser fleet division, Admiral Meden commanding, and several smaller support vessel fleet divisions to Yuanai.

Fleet Group 6 
Four minesweeper squadrons commanded by Admiral Sendur to Berena starsystem to secure the orbital trade hub at Berena 9.

The Svenisch 111th and 405th battleship fleet groups commanded by Admiral Soharn and Admiral Eisen respectively would escort Group 1 and Group 2 along with several echelons of transports carrying troops, fuel, and equipment.

Against Pemba in the north, several large aircraft carrier task forces would engage and destroy the Pemba naval yard at Mengi 5, and deep space marines would occupy the valuable Mengi Trade Center orbiting the third planet. While there were additional naval task groups organized for the invasion, few contained capital warships. So confident were the Naplians that they deployed unescorted troopships to capture the Pemba High Command on Gevacop 6. 

The Naplians hoped they could avoid armed confrontation with the native populations in both empires, and Naplian troops were instructed to fire only if fired upon.

Grand Alliance Plans

With the end of the Writers’ War, the Grand Alliance determined that any occupation of Hosan Obelisk or Pemba Confederacy would likely do more harm than good, possibly driving the neutral empires into an alliance with Naplia. However, the Briddarri King was an active agitator for operations in the outer core regions because he wanted to cut Naplia off from Pemba Confederacy and push the surrounding empires to side with the Briddarri Kingdom. This initially involved a 2689 plan to invade the Hosanii and penetrate the Terran Colonies with a naval force that would support operations in the Terrans. This was soon changed to a scheme involving the mining of Hosanii space to stop strategic ore shipments from Navka and provoke Naplia into attacking, thereby driving the Hosanii into the arms of the Grand Alliance.

It was agreed to utilize a naval mining plan, Operation Defrill, designed to remove the sanctuary of the Vashtun Enterprises region and force enemy transport ships into unclaimed space where the Briddarri Navy could engage and destroy them. Accompanying this would be an operation where, upon almost certain Naplian armed intervention in response to Operation Defrill, the Grand Alliance would then proceed to occupy Navka, Herthem, Genbar, and Revanda. The planners hoped that the operation would not provoke the Hosaniis to resist the Grand Alliance.

The Grand Alliance disagreed over an adjunct plan, Operation Deep Space, where mines would be placed in the territories of Languan Worlds and Vashtun Enterprises. While the Briddarri supported this operation, the Dresch were against it, since they also depended on trade with her neighbors. Because of this difference of opinion, Operation Defrill, initially scheduled for 2705, was delayed until 2708 when the Briddarri agreed to perform the Hosanii operations separately from the Languan and Vashtun sectors.

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Artwork by 

Max Bagdasarov


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