Bonate vs Tanaka

Ronal Bonate

Before 2686 Naplian co-emperor Bonate a had been fully absorbed with the campaigns in Audria and the Dresch Kingdom. The southern campaigns against the Qomiti and the Proq were Marshal Nassema's assignment and Bonate's partner, Benaltep, was busy shoring up Svenisch forces in the north against the Dulte and the Briddarri.

With Rutak assurances of neutrality and Marshal Daviont's seizure of the Baedeker serjaum fields, Bonate decided that it was time to consolidate his position in the northern Terran regions. The flow of serjaum through the Great Dessert Rift needed to be fully secured. Bonate knew that the best way to do that was to advance his front lines deep into Terran space. Occupation of no less than the northern third of the Terran Republic was his immediate goal.

Setsu Tanaka

The man who was to lead the Terran Republic's forces, Admiral Setsu Tanaka was considered one of the finest Terran commanders of the era. Tanaka planned to take his six fleets and all his reserve forces and launch an attack into the Bohem starcluster, thus cutting the Naplian occupied regions in two.  Tanaka argued that this plan could bring a quick end to the Naplian invasion. However, the Terran government believed Tanaka's strategy was too risky as it virtually eliminated any covering forces in the upper central regions of the Terran Republic, opening the central provinces and even Sol starsystem open to attack. It also put a great distance between Admiral Ubomo’s squadrons along the northwest frontier and Tanaka’s main force.

As an alternative, the Terran government favored making Sol starsystem Tanaka's base of operations and attacking the Naplians from the south side of the Bara Nebula. Although this route offered the enemy more warning of the approach of the Terrans, lowering the chances for a quick, decisive stroke, the Terran ministers cited the advantages of strategic cooperation between Tanaka and Ubomo and the protection of the capital starsystem as the most critical factors to be considered. The argument between Tanaka and his political masters went on for four months, wasting precious time until the Terran Stellar Operations HQ in Seoul received news of  Naplian Admiral Oniot’s arrival on the northwestern frontier. By that time it was too late for Tanaka to attack the Bohem Starcluster and in March of 2694, she issued orders to advance on the Southern Bara Nebula.

Next... Emperor Bonate Arrives

Starship Design by David Snodgrass
Artwork by Dmitry Borodin.


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