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Admiral Ergen

Briddarri Admiral Ergen, who had linked up with Tanaka’s main force in late 2698, expected that he would have a minor role in the battle when Bonate’s main force advanced to Akmela. The thirteen starship divisions under his command formed the easternmost section of the allied line arcing southeast to the Dyla Starsystem. The Royal Briddarri Navy, pressed as it was on all fronts, had given Ergen’s distant force a low priority for starship and most notably ground armies, anti-aircraft batteries, anti-starship artillery, and air support. Of his thirteen divisions, two were reservist divisions and another was 523rd Iesian Cruiser Division, equipped with antiquated “Clipper” cruisers. Considering their training and equipment, they had to cover a long front and formed a weak point of the Terran defense system. This stemmed from the Terran High Command's belief that the nebula laced approaches toward the Outland Colonies, were an unlikely line of march. Bonate would have to hook around the Bara Nebula and come in from the east. Such a move would take far too long and would be detected long before Bonate could reach the jumping off point to attack Tanaka’s right flank. Even though intelligence from the Union of Planets and from Terran intelligence services warned her of Naplian squadrons moving south along the Outland Colonies frontier for some time. Reittian Premier Corval called it "lunacy" to think that the enemy would make such a move and Tanaka ignored the evidence, as it was not in line with her strategy.

Bonate Strikes

In fact, Bonate was indeed moving southeast. His main force had been on the move for four weeks when he hooked west and drove straight into the Briddarri sector. Admiral Tanaka was stunned when she received Ergen’s burst communication on the 22nd of June informing her that Bonate’s elite Naplian Grissan Nast dreadnaughts were advancing into the Dyla starsystem.



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