Soelian Twa

    The insignia is the Imperial symbol of the Soelian Twa Empire.

Soelian Twa

The arthropod Soelien Twa Empire joined the Grand Alliance in 3424 to halt the cybernetic scourge. Queen Soel the 42nd, the first leader in Soelien Twa history to sign a pact with an alien race, remarked at the charter signing ceremony that, “Every ton of ore we mine will be used to fight the cyborg threat.” The queen was true to her word. The Twa fought alongside Grand Alliance to the bitter end. The Soelian Twa despised cyborgs. They had begun fighting KoR cybers and Vorare Carnis clones from the start of the cyber rebellion. 

Soelian Twa mining and ore fleets ranged as far south as the Presattan Empire, and they quickly encountered cyber raiders as KoR forces spread north and east out of the KoR cyber reserve during the first years of the rebellion. It wasn't long before Soelian Twa cruisers and destroyers escorting freighter convoys across the void of Watcher's Harbor routinely engaged KoR and Vorare Carnis clone starships. 


'Runt’ is the term for the Soelien Twa Infantry Soldier. The Soelien Twa fought side by side with Terran and other Grand Alliance soldiers during the Cyber Rebellion. Twa soldiers were chosen from the smaller members of the Soelien Twa drone cast. Although they were still as tall if not taller than humans, the Terrans called them “Twa Runts” because of their smaller stature compared to the mining drones of the Twa. It was a play on “Grunt”; Terran slang for infantry.

A regular Twa drone sported a large beetle style back shield that formed naturally from birth. It molted and renewed as the drone matured. Runts had their protective back shell removed to accommodate their powered battle armor. Twa troopers never surrendered for fear of being harvested. In truth, the cyber rebels were limited to harvesting sentient vertebrates. This changed when Charon cybernetic forces appeared late in the rebellion.


The Runt's primary weapon was a standard issue Frenics Arms TR24 plasma rifle. Frenics, a Terran weapons firm, landed the infantry small arms contract for the standard issue infantry rifle after the Twa joined the Grand Alliance. The competition for the deal was fierce with over sixty firms submitting bids. There was some controversy over the unfamiliar alien bid process. Stelltron Corporation went so far as to file a complaint with the Grand Alliance Inspector General’s Office after rumors of massive bribes surfaced in the closing days of the bidding. No one in the alliance wanted to insult the Twa by raising the specter of drone corruption. A private conversation between Stelltron officials and the Grand Alliance Secretary General resolved the issue, and the complaint was quashed.

Artwork by Max Bagdasarov


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