The Harvesting

Grand Alliance Empires and Cyber Reserves (shown in bright green)


"The sacrifice of the few is the salvation of all." 

That was the rationale of Grand Alliance empires for the destruction of millions of inhabited worlds. It was first voiced by the Briddarri and after two centuries of relentless war, became the mantra of the alliance. The various cyborg production corporations that formed to do the deed were well aware of the cost in lives and integrity, but the overarching need for survival soothed their consciences, and the incalculable amount of revenue that would be gained, purged the shame from their souls. 


Twelfth Legion

The Briddarri secretly began research and marginally successful testing of cyborg technology soon after the Naplian invasion of the Baedecker starcluster in 2678. They designated the force of cyborgs they created as the Twelfth Legion. It was loosely based on Truppen technology collected after the retreat from Baedecker. The Briddarri did not admit to the existence of the force for nearly two hundred years, but by 2750, it was an open secret within the Grand Alliance.

The Cyber Reserve Program

Commencing in the late 29th century Stelltron, with the tacit approval of the Grand Alliance, began developing “cybernetic reserves”; regions donated by member empires, and some non-member empires, for the specific purpose of compulsory harvest of sentient beings for the purpose of creating cyborg military units to be inducted into the armies and navies of the Grand Alliance. 

The listings below show the corporations that controlled each region, the parent empire of the area, and any additional terms imposed for the use of the cybernetic reserve.


KMR Industries "Killer Myron"– Serethia, Dorvana Territories

The KMR Reserve territory was purchased from Serethia by Stelltron, using Stelltron funds, and Grand Alliance Subsidies. Although Serethia was not a signatory to the Grand Alliance Charter, its government was sympathetic to the Grand Alliance cause. The deal had the added bonus of culling the ethnic Dorvana from the empire. According to the agreement struck between Stelltron and the Serethian government, only Dorvanan planets would be harvested, leaving their worlds open to resettlement by ethnic Serethians. KMR and this was true of all the reserve agreements, would maintain “corporate” starsystems throughout the region for production of cyborg units.

Genesis Corporation – Serethia, Kesst Territories

The Genesis Reserve territory was purchased from Serethia by Genesis Corporation, using Stelltron funds and Grand Alliance Subsidies. Like the KMR agreement, the deal resulted in the culling of the alien Kesst from the empire. Only Kesst worlds would be harvested, leaving their planets open to resettlement by ethnic Serethians. Genesis would maintain “corporate” starsystems throughout the region for production of cyborg units.

Hiver Group "The Hive" – Uncharted Supat Drift

The Hiver Group was a collection of independent contractors operating a cooperative that subcontracted with Stelltron. The co-op was chartered to create a reserve in the unclaimed Supat Drift. Hiver Group mercenaries, supported by Serethia, Stelltron and Silent Company, undertook the systematic conquest and compulsory harvest of populated regions of the Supat Drift. Once a world was harvested, it was either abandoned, or if the world had value because of its climate or natural resources, it was sold to the highest bidder for colonization or exploitation of resources.

Gorkhan VII Corporation - Seven Moons

With assistance from Stelltron, Gorkhan VII negotiated a deal with Seven Moons empire that gave the Ushan provinces over as a reserve for harvest and development. It was a considerable portion of the Seven Moons empire, but it was attractive to the government because it guaranteed the subjugation of the Ushan people and filled the coffers of the empire with Ushan loot. Stelltron also paid a fortune for the lease.

The Mech Corporation and Cyber 1 Company – Alluree
 Gedi Corporation – Laterad
Geddan Mfg. – Tessali

The triple alliance of the Laterad, Tessali, and Alluree enthusiastically participated in the cyber reserve program. They benefited from the increased trade opportunities offered by Stelltron and other members of the great trade houses. They were also paid handsomely by the Grand Alliance for participation in the program.

Repur Cybernetics – Ronnel Empire

Ronnel Empire was bitterly split over participation in the program. Maga Corporation and Repur Cybernetics, with the financial backing of Stelltron, campaigned to make the reserve a reality. Where needed, they employed strong-arm tactics, including the occasional kidnapping or assassination. The program was finally established by legislative decree after a plebiscite on the creation of the reserve failed.

Gossam Cyberworlds Ltd. – Indria

Indria was a reluctant participant in the program. They saw the need to stop the Naplian advances but put strict time limits on the harvest of Indrian worlds and were the first to demand a complete cessation of harvesting in all reserves.

Gorshan Cybernetica Corp., – South Central provinces, Presattan Empire
IMI Corporation – Southern provinces, Presattan Empire
Steel Pulse – North provinces, Presattan Empire

To the horror of the neighboring Kvizier, the Presattan imperial family wholeheartedly participated in the program by creating three reserves in the empire. They had secret dreams of using the cyborg armies to embark upon their own wars of conquest against Astarte and its allies.

Cybercon – Lindial

With the Naplian invasion of the neighboring Hosan Obelisk, the Lindial joined with the Briddarri in calling for the cybernetic reserve program and was the first to set up a reserve in the remote Contodoli Provinces.

Knights of Rancor "KoR" – Vorare Carnis

The clone program of the Vorare was not an official cyborg program, but some of the laboratories involved in the project began to experiment with mechanical enhancements to further develop specific clone characteristics. Eventually, a full-blown cyborg program emerged alongside the cloning effort. The Knights of Rancor was the result. With support from Western Rim Trade, and the Briddarri Empire, the KoR was established as a separate department of the Vorare Carnis military, and the KoR reserve was created by an act of the Vorare legislature.

Colossus Industries – Consortium

The Consortium agreed to a cybernetic reserve after heavy lobbying by Maga Corporation and Stelltron. The Consortium leaders were not reluctant to establish the reserve, they just wanted to be handsomely paid for their participation, and they eventually were.

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Artwork by Julian Schlottman


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