Shawil was a 25th-century Rutak pirate who, along with friends, dressed up as sailors and commandeered a Boe Republic cargo ship, the Insurado, at the Tredalka Trade Hub in 2451. They refitted the stolen ship, turning it into an armed raider. With it, they attacked shipping all along the Tredalka – Um ship lanes for more than a decade. The Insurado was run to ground by the Rutak cruisers Betamar and Juminco under the command of Commodore Gwenatta in 2463. The pirates scuttled the Insurado in low orbit above Thwayo-3 and abandoned ship in smaller craft and life pods. Most of the pods were intercepted by the Rutak, but Shawil and a third of his crew reached the planet’s surface and disappeared into dense forests. The Rutak gave up the search after a few days but destroyed the pirates’ ships, marooning them on the remote world.  

Betamar and Juminco: were Brumata Class heavy cruisers of the Rutak Navy.

Insurado: was a Farwin Class cargo vessel registered with the Boe Republic. She was a container ship and was hauling mainly foodstuffs, furniture and hardware when she was taken over by Shawil and his pirates. The cargo was sold to smugglers – Mutos Rhats most likely – and the proceeds used to refit the ship for raiding.

Thwayo-3: Was a temperate world in the remote Thwayo starsystem of 6 planets, including one gas giant. The starsystem was part of the Rutak empire but, except indigenous wildlife, was uninhabited.


Epodivat d. 1869 Was the leader of an unsuccessful anti-Pizcvour uprising in the Qupvat starcluster in Pizcvour space in 1869.

Epodivat was the leader of an unsuccessful anti-Pizcvour uprising in Dumdjot Star Sector in 1869 Formerly a freedman of Lord Qumin’up of Qupvat, Epodivat commanded the Dumdjot royal fleet until Quminupoe was converted into a Pizcvour province under Emperor Pisu in 1863. During the civil war following Pisu’s death, Epodivat sided with Wovimmo’at and led a general insurrection against Witgeto’ep in V’seqibat and Dumdjot in 1869. The rebels destroyed the local Pizcvour fleet in a sudden attack on V’seqibat and then turned to piracy using a type of starship known as Kamarat. According to G. Harrison, this Epodivat was the same as Epodivat commander of the Pizcvour fleet at the battle of Notipan Starsystem.
The revolt was put down by Pizcvour reinforcements under Wosfet Hinopat, a lieutenant of Witgeto’ep. Overtaken at the mouth of the Dujocat River of Stars (now the L’juco Starflow) located in Nophsimoe Cluster of the Mebode Sector, Epodivat was surrendered to the Pizcvour by local constables and put to death.

Qupvat starcluster: A region of space in the northernmost Pizcvour province Quminupoe (formerly the kingdom of Dumdjot)

Qupvat Starsystem: The chief starsystem of the house of Qumin’up, vassals of the Dumdjot Kingdom.

Emperor Pisu: The Pizcvour emperor from 1746 to 1883. He united the many kingdoms of the Pizcvour under a single Imperial throne. Although a ruthless and brutal leader, his reign is generally viewed as the golden age of the Pizcvour. He died at the hands of assassins in 1883. The popular belief is that his murder was a Kvizier sanctioned operation.

Battle of Notipan: A battle during the Pizcvour Unification Wars in which the Pizcvour fleet stopped a joint Dumdjot-Malatase relief column, under the command of Admiral Epodivat, from reaching the beleaguered Dumdjot forces at Qupvat Starsystem.

V’seqibat Starsystem: Home starsystem of the governor of the Dumdjot Nebula. V’seqibat-3 was a city-world of 22 trillion souls with over 300 surface levels/layers.

Witgeto’ep: Governor of the Dumdjot Nebula from 1867-1869. Killed in a rebel raid.

Dumdjot Starcluster: a Political subdivision of Quminupoe Province of the Pizcvour Empire.

Wovimmo’at: Pizcvour Admiral and one of five contenders for the Imperial Pizcvour throne after the death of Emperor Pisu.

Kamarat: A class of heavy cruiser in the Pizcvour Stellar Navy.

Dujocat River of Stars (now the L’juco Starflow):  A stream of millions of stars within and aligned with the Orion Arm of the galaxy.

Nophsimoe Cluster:  A starcluster of the Mebode Sector.  Known for asteroid water mining industry.

Mebode Sector: A political subdivision of the Pizcvour Empire in the northern regions.

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