A Brief History of the Estra Galaxy

The Galaxy

The galaxy in which we live is commonly known as Estra. Other common names are Naplia, The Milky Way, and The Borrida Spiral. Estra is part of a subset of the local cluster called “The Five Galaxies” which include the Deltar, Celsus, Baxel, and Fadren galaxies.

The Modern Era

Scholars agree that the beginning of the modern era commenced in 4715 TSC (Terran Standard Calendar) with the establishment of the Interstellar Trade Union (ITU), a cooperative network of trade enclaves established and nurtured by the surviving galactic trade organizations of the Estra Galaxy. Stelltron Corporation, Western Rim Trade, and the Molnsa Trade Guild were the preeminent entities in the ITU.

Naplian Wars

In the Senarias spiral arm of the galaxy lies a region beyond the Great Desert Rift of Orion called the Rimward Reaches. In terms of galactic geography, it encompasses the western third of the galactic disc. The great empires of Naplia, Audria, the Briddarri Kingdom and many smaller alien realms fought a series of wars for possession of billions of starsystems and the vast mineral wealth of those systems. The conflict spilled over into the human territories of the Terran Empire in 2678 with the Naplian invasion of a Terran star cluster and the regional capital world, Baedecker 4. The Terrans were forced to join the Grand Alliance, the enemies of Naplia.

The Cybernetic Solution

The Grand Alliance was unable to check the Naplian advance until they created cyborg and cybernetic forces by “harvesting” the populations of whole worlds and employing these new cyber warriors against the Naplians. With the help of the cybers, the Naplians were halted and in some regions, driven back.

The Moral Dilemma

Although the cybernetic forces were the salvation of the Grand Alliance worlds, the devil was in the details. To create the cybernetic soldiers, biological subjects had to be “Harvested.” This was a process whereby the subject was anesthetized, and the nervous system was cut away and vital organs removed. The nervous system is then grafted to a cybernetic frame with preloaded software. The patient was later revived as a fully functional, fully aware cybernetic soldier.

The Terran Empire had fought a bloody war against “Truppen” cyborg forces in a recent civil war. They remembered all too well the horror of that conflict and so refused to participate in the project. The Briddarri, who had discovered cyber “Truppen” technology during the evacuation of Baedecker, believed that cyber technology was the only viable option. They proceeded with their own cyber project, and as the Naplians reached the Coreward regions of the galaxy, the other member empires of the Grand Alliance began to develop cybernetic technology in earnest.

To field armies and fleets in sufficient numbers to halt the Naplian onslaught, whole worlds were forcibly harvested. The losses in terms of lives and entire alien cultures were immense. Each of the cybernetic projects was different. Some created pure cybernetic entities with only the brain and nervous systems of the victims. Some empires would not agree to wholesale harvesting but did force populations to accept conscription in large numbers and forced implantation of military hardware. Other governments chose a middle ground, preferring to create cyborg entities that retained much more of their fundamental biology than their cybernetic counterparts.

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Artwork by Mike Fong

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