The Grand Duchy of New Brunswick 1820-3824 - Part 2

Conquest of the Okwa

   Over the next half-century, the original Brunswickers and their progeny, the New Brunswickers fought the indigenous race of humanoid aliens, the Okwa, for control of Neu Deutschland-4. They also continued to serve the Precursors as military muscle off-world in exchange for supplies and new equipment. However, the Precursor visits became noticeably fewer in the mid-nineteenth century and in 1865, they stopped altogether. The Precursors had shared the majority of their technology with one glaring exception; the knowledge of spacefaring and interstellar navigation and the accompanying technology. This had not been a concern for the New Brunswickers until the Precursors ceased their visits. The only jump capable vessels in Brunswicker possession was an old assault shuttle nicknamed the ‘Billie Goat’ and a mothballed freighter in high orbit. It took a year to repair the shuttle and train a pilot, using cobbled equipment and some helpful pointers from Okwa prisoners of war, and board the orbiting Precursor ship. They spent another three years repairing the orbiting freighter. In late 1870, they christened the refurbished starship the NBS Deutschland. The Deutschland was armed with siege railguns liberated from the Okwa, and she could accommodate 170 crew and another 2,000 soldiers. There was even a flight deck housing four beat up Okwa fighters.

   Meanwhile, the New Brunswickers and their allies (captured aliens from the off-world Precursor adventures) continued their conquest of Neu Deutschland-4, which took the remainder of the 19th century. A key challenge for the conquering humans was the need for research and development of technology that the Brunswickers had taken for granted. Mining, road-building, sustainable agriculture, all had to be developed. 

Building an Empire

   Once the NBS Deutschland was operational, the New Brunswick navy, such as it was, began the arduous task of surveying, mining and colonizing the starsystem. They were fairly successful. As the 20th century closed, the Neu Deutschland starsystem boasted three thriving colony worlds, outposts on or orbiting all twelve planets, a merchant fleet of over 1,000 vessels of all sizes, and an interstellar navy of 22 capital ships with 129 warships of destroyer class or larger. They were well in advance of their Earther cousins, and by the 26th century, they were an established, albeit small, empire of 29,834 starsystems.

   The Brunswicker government was a constitutional monarchy, headed by the heirs of the Duke of Brunswick. The line of the House of Brunswick was unbroken until the Duchy fell during the cyber rebellion. The Diet, or legislative assembly, was primarily for voting on the budget. The Duke was assisted by his Privy Council: the Minister of War, Foreign Minister, Chancellor of the Exchequer, Minister of Science and Minister of the Interior. The head of the Secret Police was a non-voting associate member. The Thaler was the currency of the duchy.

   New Brunswick was a member of Grand Alliance during the Cyber Rebellion. They provided task forces that fought in the Preoun, Rutak, and Terran campaigns against the cybers. The New Brusnwickers were connected with and were at times allies of Vorton Enterprise and the Kazar Lalain pirates. The Empire was overrun by cybernetic forces in 3824. Some surviving units fought alongside Grand Alliance forces in subsequent campaigns, but the bulk of the civilian refugees and remnants of the military went into hiding in the Great Desert Rift during the latter half of the 39th century.

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Artwork by Mike Fong

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