The Grand Duchy of New Brunswick 1820-3824

Quatre Bras (Black Watch at Bay) by William Barnes Wollen in the collection of Black Watch Museum, Sol-3 Terran Republic.

Myth or Truth?

   The Duchy of Brunswick was an empire of Terran humans who claimed to be descendants of former soldiers of the Duchy of Brunswick, French, English and the other German States armies from the Battle of Quatre Bras, a portion of the Battle of Waterloo on Sol-3 in 1815 TSD.  Their mythology tells of an intervention by an alien race they call the 'Precursors,' who forced the evacuation of many of the combatants, and transported them to a starsystem in a region of space situated to the galactic southeast of Terran space. Coincidentally, ancient Rhatsibahn records relate a botched smuggling operation by Muto smugglers in cycle 13.3456 at a world designated as Artha, which would roughly coincide with the Terran year 1814. Some academics postulated that a Muto Rhat smuggling center had been compromised through some careless act and that the Muto, to salvage the situation abducted and relocated the hapless witnesses, with any soldiers, camp followers, and locals nearby. The Brunswicker home starsystem, situated as it was behind a vast nebula cloud separating it from Terran space, would seem to suggest that the Precursors intended to secret the humans away from Terran civilization. Rhatsibahn officials refused to comment on the subject of the Brunswickers, which added credence to the rumors of Muto mischief.

New Wars

   The captives endured a five-year journey to their new homeworld. Along the way, they were employed as mercenaries in the service of the Precursors, foraging for supplies and other loot on planets that were carefully chosen to match the Brunswicker technology. As the voyage continued, the Precursors modified or replaced Terran 19th century weapons with more advanced military equipment. The Brunswickers received tactical training as well, not from Precursors but from strangely dressed humans who had joined the squadron during the voyage. By the end of the journey, the Brunswickers were veterans of several campaigns and well versed in the tactical operations of the Precursors. This would serve them well in the days to come.

Neu Deutschland

   The squadron’s final destination was an arid world in the habitable zone of a yellow main sequence star the Brunswickers named Neu Deutschland. The Precursors seemed amused by the name and christened their new home Neu Deutschland 4. In the light of the sun, the planet was a sand-colored orb with great splotches of blue and green spreading from the equator and vast deserts to the north and south with thin blue-white circles of ice at each pole. As the day passed to night, city lights appeared along the equator. The world was inhabited. The Precursors called them the Okwa, a tri-ped two-limb humanoid alien species. They were an emerging spacefaring people who had recently attained a rudimentary ripwave technology. There was no single government. The Okwa were divided into twenty-seven sovereign nations and an unknown number of desert tribes in the northern and southern hemispheres.


   As the Precursor squadron approached there was a short, intense fight with a small regatta of Okwa system defense ships. After a day’s worth of battle, the defenders were sent packing by a squadron of warships that had rendezvoused with the Precursors shortly after the shooting began. The Precursor squadron then jumped by ripwave to the fourth planet, and the Brunswickers made a combat landing aboard assault shuttles. In three days of sharp fighting, the invaders seized a starport on the southern edge of the temperate equatorial band. With the reinforcements and heavy equipment landed at their newly acquired base, they invested and overcame the nearby city, Bredavara, in a few more days of street-to-street fighting. They renamed the city Neu Brunswick; colloquially, Brunswick.

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Artwork by Julian Schottman

Photo by Mariusz Prusaczyk

Copyright 2018 Kgruppe LLC


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