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   Fans of Takamo and Takamo Universe have written hundreds, maybe thousands of stories about the people and places that inhabit the Five Galaxies. The majority of those stories have been fan fiction pieces that were written and submitted for newsletter and magazine articles, as concept pieces for game content, and often just for the joy of contributing to Taskamo Universe canon. To celebrate these writers, I offer three examples of fan fiction about vacation spots in the Estra galaxy. All three of these writers are or were players in the Takamo legacy game, and they have written many of the empire descriptions in the proprietary wiki, used by our authors to develop novels and anthologies for Takamo Universe.

   The first fan fiction piece is YILDUN CITY by Charles “Chuck” Lewis. He runs two empires in our Takamo Legacy game; Apshain Federation and the Xorphrin Republic. Chuck is a prolific Takamo content writer and has even developed a spreadsheet of all realms, personalities, locations and historical events in the galaxy. It is so big that even I have not been able to read it all. I’ll get through it all eventually if, that is, I can ever stop sending him more content.

YILDUN CITY by Charles “Chuck” Lewis

Federation Center of Government Services
Division of Diplomatic Relations

This is a primer for those interested in background information on various events put on by interstellar concerns. These events cover essential events happening on an annual basis or irregularly. This discourse will be presented by the Department of Sociological Studies at the Museum of Historical Studies of Apzai Prime.

Yildun City

   The city of Yildun is known as the most fabulous party city in the galaxy. Whether that is true or not is debatable, but the city has been known as the spot for the best and worst of things in known space. Some of the most debauched spectacles of the galaxy are located on the world of Cepheus Gacrux Geidi III, a Grekan Oligar system. This city of over two million is almost solely devoted to the providing of any and all types of personal vices. Anything might be had for the right price. The city is heavily controlled by forces of the Grekan Oligar to isolate it from the rest of the planet to make sure that what happens in Yildun City stays in Yildun City.

   Like many similar facilities, the city is designed to provide diversions from the sublime to the debauched. There are many sporting events as well as shows, eateries, drinking establishments, casinos and other places where a visitor can find a diversion. It is said that some people come to Yildun City and never leave. It is not known if this is true or not, but it is possible. It behooves the visitor to hire a guide to find their way through the maze of different bars, bazaars, markets, and concessions. The fairs and markets were major draws for this world. They provide all sorts of exotic and unusual items that may be found nowhere else. Traders come from hundreds of worlds to sell, barter and trade their goods for others. Only the market at Titania is reputed to have a better selection of items and materials.

   The second story is by Gary Mays. Gary runs the Phantatwain Empire in the Takamo legacy game. He’s been running that empire since the game was first designed in 1982. 


   The name of this Kratek Horde gambling establishment is synonymous with sleazy. Found in one of the more seedy sections of the Kratek central port city it draws riff-raff, underworlders, foreigners, conmen and the naïve. Being near the spacedocks makes it easy for the dockhands, ship crews, passengers and various other individuals to find the casino. Standing out as the biggest and brightest of the gambling entertainment halls on Liqueur Street it draws the most customers. Many a merchant crew that just received their pay and visited this establishment left drunk, broke, and sometimes bruised – if they left at all. Rumors of crewmen shanghaied and waking up on a freighter bound for some planet in the far reaches of the galaxy was not unheard of, This never seemed to keep people away. The lure of cheap booze and a chance to win big at the tables drew patrons like a moth to a flame. 

   The interior was in sharp contrast to the outside façade. Where the outside was shiny and glitzy, the inside was dim and drab. The lighting was about 75% of standard brightness. But then brighter lights might have turned the players away, seeing the dirt and grime. The hall had seen better days with its once bright red carpet worn to a dull brownish-red and the machines needing a good cleaning. The inside was more typical of any of the other gambling and entertainment establishments found on Liqueur Street. A place you didn’t want to take your mother – if you knew you had one. 

    The main hall had a hundred “Button Bandits” or gaming machines, one-armed bandits, etc. Unlike other worlds, you had to push a button on these machines to see if you won. To amuse the players there would be a series of flashing lights, bells, whistles, and noise. All this was to distract the player from how much they were losing. The payouts were usually small with only a jackpot once in many, many attempts. One machine was rumored to have not had a jackpot in a hundred years. When it was finally checked by the gambling commission, it was noted that there was not a single token with a date stamped older than 5 years on it. A maintenance man had been emptying the machine on a regular basis. 

   Besides the gaming machines, there were several gambling tables – 5 stud poker, craps, roulette, “The FEGG 3” Card Dare, and the “Muto Mass Card Flop” to name a few.  Security was prevalent across the casino. Besides armed guards at the entrance, l armed teams wandered the casino floor. Two guards were stationed at the payout booths. Cameras were everywhere with a few drone cameras floating through the casino to get views from different angles. They were supposedly used for security but whoever was winning big seemed to have at least one if not more drones hovering nearby trying to get a view of their cards. 

   The upper floors of the casino were rented out for those that wanted to relax, enjoy some private company, meetings or private conversations. Besides the main elevators and stairs to the upper floors, there was a set of hidden elevators and stairs reserved for the staff or “special” guests. Floors 2 through 5 were set up for sleeping and special activities. Floors 6 and 7 were restricted, and unless you had a special pass (keycard), you could not access the floors. Besides having a special keycard to access the levels, there were guards stationed to double check that you were approved. It was rumored that the captains of certain freighters met for transactions with the distributors, buyers, and sellers of goods. Not all the trade dealings were on the up and up and these floors kept the details from local law enforcement. Surprisingly for its less than upstanding image the Casino Royale Moleye never had any violence in the surrounding neighborhood. The other gambling and entertainment establishments in the area were not so fortunate. 

   The last story is a piece written by Dale Hayes. Dale was a vital member of the Takamo development team and a talented musician. I don’t think I have ever heard a better guitar player. Dale helped with music for the game and was our expert on accessibility issues for Takamo. He had lost his eyesight later in life. Dale ran the Seth-Naf-Gar in the Takamo legacy game. He passed away last year. We miss him every day.

BORAX-9 by Dale Hayes

   Borax 9 is the location of the most widely used winter resort in the empire, Base Camp Rodgers. BCRogers has areas for ve skiing, power tobogganing, rocket skating, ice surfing and hoverboarding. Snows range from the methane type which is ideal for hoverboarding to the Dihydrogen oxide snows which are preferred for skiing. With the proper atmospheric equipment, alien sportsmen can enjoy BCRogers winter time events. 

   Sector winter gaming events are held here in the style of an ancient system called the Olympics, with entrants being judged and scored in specific activities. The winter games are watched across the sector via telecom links. 

   BCRogers is always open and receives visitors at all times. As Borax 9 is an ice planet, the conditions perfect for most winter activities. Some excursion treks are available, but solo excursions are not allowed due to the harsh conditions. Hovermobiles are a popular method of transport for sightseeing and travel between BCRogers’ activity centers. Rocket skating is among the most popular activities, and the rocket skating area encompasses a full 12k area. Ice surfing is expensive and requires high skull thickness levels, so it is not as prevalent. Ten areas are provided for power tobogganing. Areas are arranged so that a covering dome can be closed when weather conditions require. Skiing is available at no less than fifteen different regions with trails ranging from beginner to advanced. Also, BCRogers has staff who can assist with learning and classes are offered for novices who wish to learn a new pleasurable winter activity. Complete instruction is provided, and instructors are paired with students according to alien compatibility. BCRogers has an impeccable record of never having a fatality or even a severe injury to any visitors.

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Artwork by Mike Fong

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