The Terran Annex Bombing of 2473


Terran Republic annex bombing on Avril (April) 24, 2473, the Tatou Ammanian militant group Nezra, with support and direction from the Distan Colonies Liberation Organization (DCLO), carried out a suicide bombing targeting the Terran Republic annex in Baru City, Nebalo-3, in the southern Distan Colonies. They used an orbital shuttle packed with explosives. The attack killed 2,405 people.


In Jenuvar (January) 2471, the Terran Republic had relocated its annex operations from North Baru City to the relative security of Aunir, a Valkyrian alien suburb of West Baru City. When on Avril 24, 2473, the Tatou attacker banked her orbital shuttle laden with 20,000 kilograms of explosives toward the three twenty-story buildings of the annex, essential security measures had not yet been completed at the complex, including a massive cerasteel dome. The orbital shuttle was heading for the central garden of the facility but crashed into the southeast building after the shuttle was hit by drone missiles of the Valkyrian annex guards. The vehicle detonated after striking the annex building, designated “Tower A.”

The explosion collapsed Tower A of the annex, and ripped off the facings of the other two towers B and C, shredding glass, bending steel bars and destroying grav-cars in nearby parking lots. The attack killed a total of 2,405 people, including the suicide bomber. Only two hundred of the dead were Terran. The most notable deaths were two intelligence officers, Chief Warrant Officer Terrence Wella of the Terran Army and Petty Officer 1st Class Miguel Rotta of the Terran Navy, who were both assigned to the Terran Republic Defense Attache Office in Baru City. The two victims were investigating Silent Company operations in Distan Colonies. 

The majority of those killed were Ammanian, either local employees or people seeking visas to Terran colonies or alien empires. Of the injured, the Terran Republic Vice Admiral, Dat Nguyen, was slightly hurt, as well as the Stelltron Ambassador, Davis Mios, who was meeting with Nguyen at the time of the attack.


The DCLO claimed responsibility for the attack in a sublight communications broadcast a few hours after the explosion. The transmission said, "This attack shows that we will not to allow a single Terran to remain on Distan soil." The Terran government believed that Nezra had carried out the bombing with the support of DCLO. Through satellite reconnaissance, Terran Republic intelligence discovered that a mock-up of the annex had been created at the DCLO Kossa Guard-run Helthaka barracks on Deelvak-4, in the Distan Colonies territory to practice for the attack.

Legal cases

Under the amended Stellar Sovereign Immunities Act, victims of the bombing and their families filed lawsuits against the DCLO, holding it responsible for its role in the attack. The heirs of the complainants received compensation in negotiated settlements in 2538 after the Demanra Accords and the revision of Distan Colonial Covenant in 2537.

Mueller v. DCLO (2512) – Security guard Reinhard Mueller and his family are awarded 240 million in damages. Mueller was injured in the bombing. The judge ruled "Nezra received substantial funds and support from DCLO and the Kossa Guard Corps. This court concludes that defendants provided 'material support and resources' to Nezra."

Estate of Killario, et al. v DCLO, et al. (2502) – 680 alien employees and one hundred Terran employees that were killed or injured in the annex bombing awarded 84 billion Terran Dollars in 2502. The judge ruled "that the attacks were carried out by the terrorist group known most commonly as Nezra, operating with DCLO support and encouragement."

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