The Perimeter Project

The Mystery

   Recall that in 2674, a new dock extension, designated Docking Pod D1, was added to the Buchlan Fells facility. It was the biggest enclosed starship dock ever built at the station. Extending far into space, and connected by a freight tramway leading to a secured section of the station accessible only to those with level 12 clearance. The only ships docking there were those same small, sleek starships built for speed.

   Starting in 2675, the small, fast ships began to be replaced by freighters of all sizes and shapes. Whatever cargo was on those ships was not brought into the commerce bays to be counted, and warehoused for transit to commercial vessels. The freight that was offloaded at Docking Pod D1 was hauled directly to the level-12 secured bays of Buchlan Fells.

   Commencing in 2680, in addition to the fast starships and freighters calling at Docking Pod D1, tankers, heavy equipment haulers, supply transports, and construction tower ships were making frequent stops at D1. Observers noted that the same vessels were returning at one or two week intervals. Something big was being built at an unknown location within a three or four-day hyperjump. The scuttlebutt around the station was that the Perimeter Project was at the heart of the goings on at Docking Pod D1. Everyone knew about the project but no one knew what it was and no one dared talk about it openly.

Riya Gaines

   Riya Gaines, a Terran woman, joined Stelltron as the Perimeter Project President and Chief Executive Officer in 2707. She had more than 20 years of public affairs and advocacy experience representing major corporations, research and safety organizations, and issue-based coalitions. She was often quoted by both traditional and digital media outlets on a wide variety of topics.

   Under Riya’s leadership, Stelltron’s Perimeter Project became a superlative research and communications organization; significant accomplishments included the creation of the unique, four thousand trillion credit Stelltron Cenxi Research Center in the Southern Stelltron Territories.

   Before joining Stelltron, Riya held senior positions at An Fen, a leading strategic communication, and advocacy firm on Guiping 4, in the Terran Guangxi starcluster, Guigang Military Authority. She had worked at the Terran Insurance Association on Scotia 6, Terra; and at the Terran Institute for Trade Route Safety on the Duisme 3 Trade Center, in northern Terra. She served on several advisory councils and the Stelltron Fire Protection Association Board of Directors. She previously served on boards for the Inter-Empire Ion Storm Research Center (IISRC), the Insurance Institute for Interstellar Trade Route Safety, the Interstellar Trade Route Loss Data Institute, and Advocates for Interstellar Trade Route and Starship Safety.

   A native of Omaha-Lincoln Metro, Nebraska, Sol 3, Terran Republic, Riya earned a bachelor’s degree in Interstellar Relations from Tulakha University and a master’s degree in Terran Political Science from the University of New Virginia. She resided in the exclusive Turpa neighborhood on the Stelltron Buchlan Fells Trade Hub.

   Rumors regarding her association with Silent Company were never verified.

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Artwork by Camilo Aldana & Graham Symmons

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