Sec22 and the Interwar Period 2578-2660

Fringer class Battleship RBS Evanika, involved in the attempt to rescue Naplian general Endemere, Imperial Armies Commander.

The Interwar Period 2578 -2660

    After a hopeful beginning, the history of the intelligence service became darker. It was consistently successful throughout the rest of the First Audrian War in its core counter-espionage role. Throughout the First Audrian War, Naplia attempted to infiltrate Briddarri planets, but Sec22 was able to identify most of the agents before any severe damage was done.  Sec22 used a method that depended on strict control of entry and exit by aliens and large-scale inspection of communications. In post-war years, attention turned to attempts by the Svenisch to support revolutionary activities within Briddarri colonial holdings. Sec22's expertise, combined with the early incompetence of the Svenisch ensured the department’s success.

   Beginning in 2580 Sec22 assisted the new Grand Alliance in policing the Thoumal Corridor, a strip of Naplian territory along the Dresch and Audrian frontier that was occupied by Dresch, Briddarri, and Audrian forces to exact reparations from the Naplians and prevent Ffawe rebel incursions into Audria.

In 2584 Sec22 participated in security screening in the Abrasseto Starsystem in the Dulte Kingdom where the "Border Pact" was signed by Naplia, the Briddarri, the Dresch, Audria, Attel, Qomiti, and the Proq. In it, empires agreed to mutually guarantee existing borders and to make a peaceful settlement of disputes between them.

Thoumal Corridor
   Sec22 was the first intelligence agency to learn of the discovery of the Rattech Hills Scrolls. In 2589 Ffawe kinsmen uncovered ancient scrolls that prophesied the rise of the Naplian Empire and the destruction of all things at the hands of the seeker. The prophecy foretold the destruction of Naplia if the seeker lived but the end of all things if the seeker died at the hands of the Naplians.

   When Surpinol Andrik, the reigning Naplian emperor, died in 2599 without a successor Sec22 actively monitored events in Naplia. The Naplian Civil War had become a three-sided contest between Bonate of the Ffawe, Benaltep, the Commander of the Home Fleets, and Endemere Commander of Imperial Armies.

   In 2633 Sec22 was involved in a failed rescue attempt after Endemere's defeat at the Weege Nebula. Despite the efforts of Sec22 and Audrian operatives, Endemere is captured by the Ffawe in the Jerandal Starsystem while trying to cross into Audrian space.

   During 2637, the Naplians reoccupied the Thoumal Frontier. Sec22 monitored Naplian communications, but no other action was taken.

Around 2640, Sec22 was forced to rebuild their translation and codebreaking schools after Bonate and Benaltep adopted Middle Ffawe as the language of Naplian government in the Ffawe region. High Naplian was spoken in Naplia Prime (Onwey Naplia) government circles. Naplia introduced a new cipher system in 2649, crippling the Briddarri codebreaking efforts.

   In 2654, angry at the way his family was treated when he was a child living in the Naplian northern systems, Benaltep took his revenge against the Naplian "Gypsy" Cults of Northern Naplia. Sec22 took advantage of the situation by recruiting several thousand Naplians in exchange for refuge in Briddarri territory. Three-hundred Thirty billion souls were wiped out during the year-long pogrom.


   Sec22 was involved 2656 Karuson Wind Incident where a Naplian packet ship, carrying plans for the invasion of the Audrian, Dresch and other territories, crashed on an uninhabited planet, Deweilian-9, in the neutral Rimward Federation. Sec22 agents managed to obtain the datacores.

  Following a spate of spy hysteria in 2659, Sec22's role was substantially enlarged. It then acquired additional responsibilities during the Emperor’s War. Most significantly, its counter-espionage role blurred, and it became more political, including the surveillance of alien agents, pacifist and anti-conscription organizations, and organized labor. This was based on the common belief that alien influence was at the heart of these organizations. Thus, by the end of the interwar period, Sec22 was a fully-fledged investigation and secret police force, in addition to being a counter-espionage agency. 

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Artwork by Julian  Schlottman, Max Bagdasarov & Dmirti Borodin

Copyright 2018 Kgruppe LLC


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