Distan Colonies Liberation Organization


   The Distan Colonies Liberation Organization was an organization founded in 2471 for the purpose of the liberation of Distan Colonies through armed struggle. Most of its violent activities targeted Terran civilians. Terra considered the DCLO a terrorist organization until the Io Moon Conference in 2517. In 2521, the DCLO recognized Terran loyalist's right to live in peace within the Distan Colonies as Terran citizens and rejected violence. In response, Terra officially recognized the DCLO as the representative of the Distan people. However, the DCLO employed violence after their declaration, particularly during the Second Distan Rebellion (2460–2540).


   At its first summit at the Carvella-4 city of Ancairo in 2471, the Distan Businessman’s League proposed the creation of an organization representing the Distan people. The Distan Colonial Council convened in Ancairo on 21 May 2471. Shortly after the convention, the DCLO was founded. Its stated goal was the liberation of Distan Colonies through armed struggle.


   The ideology of the DCLO was formulated in the Distan Colonial Covenant. The document was an anti-Terran statement dedicated to the creation of the Distan Colonies Republic. In 2486, the Charter was replaced by a comprehensively revised version. Until 2521, the focus was armed struggle. From the signing of the Demanra Accords, negotiation and diplomacy replaced armed struggle as official policy. In 2537, articles, which were inconsistent with the Demanra Accords, were repealed.  At the core of the DCLO's ideology was the belief that Terrans had unjustly exploited the Distan Colonies under the pretext of having authority over the Distan Colonies. 

Article 4
The Distan Distan people possess the legal right to their home starsystems and have the right to determine their destiny after achieving the liberation of their colonies. 

Article 13
The New Oslo Declaration, the Terran Mandate for Distan Colonies, and everything that is based upon them are deemed null and void. Claims of political ties with Distan Colonies are incompatible with the concept of Distan Sovereignty. 

Secularism Versus Ammanianism

   The DCLO and its dominating faction, Gantha, were more secular than the religiously oriented factions like the Principatists and the Distan Ammanian Jihad (DAJ). All, however, represented a predominant Ammanian population. Practically the whole population of the Distan territories was Ammanian, and the majority of those were Tatou. The rest were Distan Attan and Terrans.

   The Colonial Charter, when created, had no reference to religion. However, under President Drava, the Gantha-dominated Distan Authority adopted the Amended Kossa Law in 2572, which declared Ammanianism as the official religion of Distan Colonies and the scriptures of the Tatou Principate as the principal source of legislation. The Constitution was amended to include the same provisions. 

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Artwork by Camilo Aldana, Dmitry Borodin,  Rene Asmussen

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