Civil War and Prophecy


   Recall in the previous blog that while the Onwe government negotiated with the victors and worked to rebuild the shattered Imperial Alliance, The Ffawe rebel leader Ronal Bonate secured the promise of a large loan from the Denics in 2586, giving him the funds to build and supply his armies and fleets, which he did over the next decade. Bonate used a portion of his new resources to consolidate his hold on Ffawe Naplia through the judicious use of bribes, threats, and assassinations.

   Hoping to quell the Ffawe rebels in upper Naplia, and avoid a full-blown civil war between Naplia and Ffawe Naplia, the Onwe government spent those years hunting insurgents in Naplia and collaborating with the Grand Alliance powers to interdict rebel supply lines in the Pressak corridor. Naplia's diplomatic mission at the Ffawe capital world begged and cajoled the Ffawe to stop supporting the rebels and rejoin the Imperial Alliance but Bonate, who was now the 'Angul,' the Chief Shoffet fo the Ffawe, would have none of it.

Demilitarization of Thoumal

   In the summer of 2595 Grand Alliance Forces withdrew from the Thoumal Corridor after stripping its worlds of useful technology and exacting an agreement from the Naplian government that the area would remain demilitarized. Late in the year, while the Onwe were focused on Toumal, Bonate made his move. After a five-year voyage arcing over the galactic disc, a massive Ffawe task force assaulted the Maripal garrison world in the Manntari star system. Three hundred million prisoners were taken. Among the captives was Hendruval Andrik, the Onwe emperor's son. When his identity was discovered, he was summarily executed, leaving no heir to the throne.


   The Ffawe invasion transformed the character of the conflict. Instead of a police action, where Onwe forces hunted rebels and tried to keep order, they were now engaged in a conventional war against a formidable enemy. The rebellion was now a full on civil war between the two Naplian empires. The fighting escalated as a second Ffawe task force consisting of three Ffawe naval corps with Bonate in command descended into the Cannat region of Naplia. Bonate began his group's operations by sending flying columns to rebel strongholds throughout the region.

   In 2599, four years after the Ffawe invasion, Surpinol Andrik, the reigning emperor died without a legal successor. The civil war then became a three-way contest between Bonate of the Ffawe, Benaltep the Commander of the Home Fleets and Endemere Commander of Imperial Armies.

Two Against One

   The fighting continued for many ruinous years during which Benaltep's forces withdrew from the center of the empire in 2611, after several defeats at the hands of Endemere. In 2618, Bonate offered to ally with Benaltep who, although he viewed the Ffawe as an inferior race, agreed on the condition that they reign as co-regents if they prevailed.

   By 2626, Bonate's main force was defeated, and he was forced to withdraw from the Cannat region. Benaltep then took the opportunity to strike several critical starsystems while Endemere was busy with Bonate. Endemere was then forced to retire from Cannat to shorten his supply lines. Bonate regained the region with ease, and Bonate had managed to cut Endemere's supply line.

   Endemere suffered a significant defeat in 2632 owing to the combined might of Bonate and Benaltep in the Weege Nebula. Endemere's forces melted away through desertion and mutiny after the Weege Nebula disaster. Endemere was captured in the Jerandal Starsystem while trying to cross into Audrian space. In 2634, the Ffawe under Bonate and Benaltep took control of the Naplian government and unified the two Naplias after eighty-seven years of strife.



   A curious thing happened in 2589 at a Naplian backwater starsystem in the midst of the rebellion. It was a small thing, and its meaning would not become evident for nearly a century. Ffawe Sov kinsmen, devotees of a small religious sect, uncovered the Rattech HillS Scroll. These ancient artifacts were written by a proto-naplian people centuries before the existence of the Onwe and the Ffawe. The scrolls prophesied the rise of the Naplian Empire, the coming of an alien outsider, the 'Seeker,' and the destruction of all things at the hands of the 'Devastators.' The prophecy foretold the destruction of Naplia if the Seeker lived but the destruction of all things if the Seeker died.

Next time...DCLO - Distan Colonies Liberation Organization


Artwork by Dmitry Borodin,  Camilo Aldana

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