The year is 2623, and billions of souls call the galaxy known as Estra home. It’s a home of unimaginable distance, from the Borthan Empire in the north to the left “lung” of the Klevessan Republic. The Boe Republic brushes the southern emptiness of the Ens Gulf and yet, even here, there is life: teeming organics jostling, cooperating, invading, thriving. Dying.

Love You Forever

   As children, Kellan Kline and a young Terran girl named Rayelle survived horrific experiments at the hands of The Authority, a group hellbent on creating the perfect supersoldier. They were liberated from the lab together, but circumstance tore them apart.

   Years later Kellan found Rayelle again, married to a Terran politico and pregnant with his son. Happy that Rayelle had found peace, Kellan promised her again that his heart and loyalty belonged only to her.

   When Rayelle called, begging for his help, Kellan had no choice but to rush to her aid, although his interference might mean all-out galactic war.

Dead Man’s Drift

   Bendine and Myrta Selva found themselves orphaned at a young age, left in the charge of a rascally Klevessan pirate captain. They grew up in the belly of a ship learning the art of Klevessan trade: stealing, lying and cheating. As adults, they kept themselves and their origins a secret until a mistake in the Horvanni trade house left Bendine holding proof of a Naplian plot to assassinate a Terran Admiral.

   Now, with the help of a Terran agent, the girls and their shipmates must travel to the desolate area surrounding Dead Man’s Drift with the hopes of thwarting the Naplian plot and bringing honor to the Selva name again.

About The Author AR DeClerck

   AR DeClerck is a wife and mother of two daughters. Award-winning author. Reading ninja. Food assassin. Devourer of movies. Music Connoisseur. Self-proclaimed nerd. All-around Goofball. She lives in the Quad Cities, Illinois. She is a dialysis technician by day and a superhero by night. Well, she's an author! She writes adventure romance, and when her characters fall in love, they fall hard. She believes that LOVE is the greatest adventure of all, and she wants her readers to remember the rush that comes with falling in love.

Read and enjoy excerpts from her works on her Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/authoramydeclerck/

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Artwork by Camilo Aldana

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