The Wulf Rebellion

The Borthan Empire

   The Borthan Empire was a sprawling human civilization in the Northwest Regions of the Estra Galaxy. The empire held in thrall numerous non-human cultures as protectorates. The Borthans' used genetic manipulation to induce sentience and then control 'lesser' creatures known collectively as the Vinculum. Each Viniculum caste was 'farmed' in a region of space set aside for that caste and their Borthan overlords. 

   The Vinculum held a crucial role for the Borthan military and starship classes were designed for each Viniculum caste. Cloning technology was used to create viniculum armies in times of war. These forces strengthened the empire and fueled its expansion, but brought about a dark time; 'The Betrayal.'

   The 'Betrayal' began in 2345 with the rebellion of the Chaulk-Lynn, a Viniculum species concentrated in the southern region of the empire. The Chaulk-Lynn or 'Chalkers' were the only human Viniculum. Ruled by a secretive cabal known as ‘The Twelve,’ the Chalkers disengaged from the Borthans by suborning the Borthan colonization operations in the Chaulk-Lynn territories and murdering all Chalkers in the other regions of the Empire through the sabotage of the imperial Chaulk-Lynn genetics maintenance program. This period of Chalker history is known as the 'Exodus.'

   The Pack or 'Wulf'' was a Viniculum caste of humanoid wolves. Wulfhese, the home region of the Wulf was situated in the southcentral region of the Borthan Empire. The Wulf worked the imperial ore planets and were used extensively in the empire's wars of expansion. Borthans called the Wulf, 'Growlers,' and the Wulf called the Borthans 'Borts.' Because of the genetic imperative of all wolves to act as a pack, the Wulf became increasingly harder to control until, in 2470, they broke from their Borthan masters. 

Borthan Calosep class battlecruiser built under alien license 

   The ensuing war of liberation (Wulf term) or rebellion (Borthan term) lasted for nearly a thousand years. So brutal was this endless conflict that it consumed crippling amounts of resources and manpower. The Wulf population was decimated, forcing them to deploy drone systems for air, ground and space forces. As examples of their dire need, the Wulfe Starfleet utilized most piloted starfighters as command craft to control drone combat starfighters, and large numbers of drone troopers were necessary to supplement Wulf casualties suffered by their armies. 

   The tenacity of the Wulf rebels drained imperial coffers to the point that Borthan became the 'sick man of Estra,' leaving it vulnerable to neighboring empires such as the Denadanin who vied for control of the protectorate of Niminy, and the Naplians who invaded Borthan later in the Naplian Wars. The interference of several members of the Grand Alliance following the Betrayal led to open warfare between the Borthans and several members of the Grand Alliance, resulting in a Grand Alliance blockade. The situation became so severe that expensive covert agreements with the Sokol Trading Company were required to sustain the Borthan economy.

   The war finally came to an end in 3412 when the Wulf handed the enemy a great defeat at the battle of the Preenesta Nebula, at the northern edge of the Wulf frontier.

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Artwork by Mike Fong
Descriptions by John Petelle, and Roger Buchholz

Copyright 2018 Kgruppe LLC


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