The Starstream Age and Foldgate Paths Part 1

Largest Shipping Lanes at the Height of Foldgate Trade Circa 3300

The Starstream Age

   As the galaxy grew in technology and people, the needs for an efficient transportation system linking the rim with the rich interior became more and more pressing.

   The first significant progress in intergalactic transportation was starstream navigation, pioneered by Harinon and Lerita on the Huisan Starstream and Remil Vere in the Misshi Starstream. Stream navigation cut the time of a journey between Briddarri Lesinum and Rutak Vaderstav by two thirds. The second significant improvement was foldgate path construction. Foldgates were massive space folding devices anchored in key starsystems across the Five Galaxies by the ancient Radnian Empire. Transiting from one foldgate to another without first determining a safe path could result in catastrophe because folding space with a star or a black hole within the path of the fold would be the equivalent of flying through the object. Not only could the hapless vessel and crew be destroyed, but a large enough object could damage or destroy one or both of the foldgates. Although historical texts referenced thousands of foldgates, less than one hundred had been discovered, and at each site, foldgate path data was degraded and useless.

Stelltron 2,000 Passenger Starliner

The Languan Passage

   Pioneering entailed precise surveys of regions between foldgates to determine the shortest safe path. Prominent people in Briddarri Lesinum starsystem who supported the building of the Languan Passage included Gouland Vin Nassler, the last patron of the Languan Lerswyck Dynasty. The Languan Passage which linked the Languan Baralia Trade Center to The Dulte Oder Trade Center was opened in 1325, and its impact on the economic development of Briddarri Lesinum starsystem and its hinterland was huge. It firmly established Briddarri Lesinum starsystem as the first system in the Briddarri Kingdom, against its rivals, Brodin, Phaedia, and Hanistore. The latter responded with their own foldgate path projects, notably the Konsta & Ohia and the Limurae & Ussin. But foldgate path building was expensive and slow, so when the first foldgate paths were built in Briddarria, pioneers in the Rimward Reaches closely followed their development.

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Artwork by Bhumit Padilla

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