The Galactic Core, Part 1

The Coreward Reaches

   The core of the galaxy is an elliptical mass of stars, black holes, and stellar clouds. In the middle of the galactic core is a supermassive black hole located in the heart of the K'areean Imperium. It is difficult, but not impossible to navigate. The great starfreighter shipping lanes, the Seneco Run and Vastorn Run passed east and west directly through the northern core. They met just north of the galactic core at Sensa Trade's Kerimata Trade Hub, a trading station of twelve planets that was the center of commerce for goods from every quadrant of the galaxy. This was home to many important empires.


   Kvizier Empire was a feline alien race west of the galactic core. They supported the beleaguered Sensa Trade against their implacable foes, the  Grishaka, in a devastating war in the 23rd century. Kvizier was also at odds with the Pizcvour, a high tech empire to the west.  Not long after the Naplian invasion of Terra, the Kvizier became members of the Grand Alliance at the behest of the Terrans and fought extensively in the Naplian Wars and the cyber rebellion that followed.


   The Indria Alliance was a Reptile Humanoid Alien empire on the south side of the galactic bar. It bordered Kvizier to the west and the Ronnel Empire to the east. Indria was the galaxy’s biggest economy and leading cloth fiber producer and exporter for most of the third and fourth millennium.  The empire was the last biological civilization to fall under cybernetic domination.

Grishaka Khanate

   The Grishaka was an alien reptile race that devolved from the Grishaka Khanate Empire, which in turn was a small part of the Shikasta Empire until the 15th century when the Grishaka Khanate revolted. They attacked the Sensa Trade territories in the 23rd century, occupying over three-quarters of Sensa space.  Sensa Trading was an ally of the Kvizier, and the Kvizier and Grishaka forces clashed in a brief, bloody war. Grishaka was forced to sign a treaty with Kvizier and Sensa Trade to end the war. A tense peace, punctuated by sporadic clashes along the frontier was the legacy of the conflict.

Next time...The Galactic Core, Part 2


Artwork by Camilo Aldana, Julian Schlotman
Descriptions by Thom Walla, KS Augustin, and Charles Lewis

Copyright 2018 Kgruppe LLC


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