Stellar Pilot and Navigator Union

Terran flight Kit circa 2700

   The Stellar Pilot and Navigator Union (SPNU) was the largest pilot union in the Republic, representing more than 60 billion pilots and navigators from 33 Terran and Colonial starlines. SPNU was founded on 22 June 2431 and is a member of the  Colonial Labour Congress. Known intergalactically as T.R.-SPNU, SPNU is also a member of the Intra Galactic Stellar Pilot and Navigator Union IGSPNU.


SPNU’s four executive officers were elected by the union's Board of Directors and served four-year terms.


   President was required to be an active commercial starship captain. 

President's Administrative Team

   Executive Administrator 
   Executive Council Representative 
   Master Executive Council
   Strike Committee Leader 
   Security Coordinator
   Strategic Planning Chairman
   Negotiating Committee Representative
   Unsecured Creditors Committee Representative

First Vice President

First Vice President's Administrative Team

   Interstellar Safety Coordinator
   Safety, Security, and Pilot Assistance Program Representative
   Organizing Committee Representative
   Pilots Association Representative

Vice President of Administration
Admin Vice President's Administrative Team

   Strike Oversight Board Representative 
   Negotiator Representative 
   Organizer Representative 
   Merger Representative 

Vice President of Finance

Finance Vice President's Administrative Team
   Professional Standards 
Board Representative 
   Training Board Representative 
   Legislative Affairs Board Representative 
   Finance Review Committee Board Representative 
   Terran Republic Hearing Board Representative 
   Terran Colonial Hearing Board Representative


   The Carver T. Haas Library was home to over 50,000 collections of archival material documenting the history of the Stellar Pilot and Navigator Union. To access the collections, applicants had to contact SPNU content coordinator at the  Library New Olathe-5.

Notable Presidents

Dianne M. Creek (2911 – 2914) Cargo Freighter Captain of the RSS Tiberia

   Run down by Denic Raiders on May 5th, 2914. The ship was lost to a boarding party after a hatch to hatch gunfight. All hands lost.

Duval I. Rist (2799 – 2806) Serjaum Tanker Captain. 
   Captained the Union of Planets UPSS Flyer. Destroyed a Naplian dreadnought on November 1, 2812, by a ripwave ramming maneuver, destroying both vessels. All hands lost.

Jason I. Vater (2707 – 2710) Chemical Tarsport Captain.

    Captain of the RSS Tavola. He is credited with saving the lives of 27 crew members on April 21st, 2702, when, after a collision with the RSS Tripoli, he closed a blocked bulkhead hatch, severing his right leg.

K. Richard Duff (2691 – 2698) Metals Refinery Ship Captain.

   Captained the Distan Colonies ship DCS Raggia. He operated a clandestine serjaum mining operation targeting low yield asteroid fields that were located in Naplian-occupied Terran starsystems. The serjaum fields were unknown to the invaders because the mineral levels were minimal and undetectable via standard survey methods.

Hal B. Babbitt (2683 – 2690) Migrant Ship Captain.

   Captained the Migrant Starliner RSS An Cho and, in 2685, disregarding explicit orders from parent company Northern Spacelines, he deviated from his logged course to assist with the evacuation of Galcout-4, saving over a million refugees. His actions resulted in multiple lawsuits against the company by passengers whose cruise vacations were disrupted.

Joseph K. O’Hennley (2671 – 2682) Deep Space Freitghter Captain.

   Captained the RSS Saito. He coordinated with the Terran Republic to provide supply convoys and humanitarian relief to threatened starsystems in Northern Terra during the first years of the Naplian Invasion.

Cho I. Seko (2662 – 2670) Starstream Liner Captain.

   A Lost Worlds colonist. He captained the starstreamer LWSS Harmony Bay, which struck an asteroid in the Keosket Starsystem on December 22nd, 2573. No survivors.

Lom O. Seko (2552 – 2562) Deep Space Tug Captain.
   Captained the tug, DSS Gennera, servicing the Distan Colony mining squadrons that were forced out of the Icemark asteroid fields by a Terran Republic task force at the beginning in the Second Distan Colony Rebellion.

Daria M. Behlen (2431 – 2452) Commercial Survey Starship Captain.

   Credited with the first contact with the Laterad aliens.

Bargaining Units Represented By SPNU 

Star Outland

Stellar Transat
Star Transport Interstellar

Outland Colonial Spacelines

LW Starlines

Distan Southeast Spacelines

Northern Spacelines

Clear Space

Terran North


Stellar Compass freight lines   

Distan Starlines

Stellar Endeavor

Envoy Spacelines


Space Express

First Stellar

Stellar Frontier Cargo Lines

Haliver Package Xpress

Planet Air

Kazima Space

Sprocket Spaceways

Ravenna Space Flight Ltd.

Hemisphere Space Group

Piedmont Starlines

Pusil Airlines

Spirit Space Freight lines

Solar System Starlines

Trans Stellar Passenger Lines

United SpaceFreight

Violin Space

Messiah Starfreight

West Systems Cargo Lines


Notable spacelines whose pilots are not part of SPNU and have their own pilots union

Terran Starlines by Republic Pilots Association

Star Sovereign by Sovereign Worlds Pilots Association

Southwest Starlines by Southwest Starlines Pilot Association

Reittian Space-Airlines by Reittian Pilots Association

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Artwork by Julian Schlottman, Dmitry Borodin, Camilo Aldana

Copyright 2018 Kgruppe LLC


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