The Five Galaxies blog begins!

Welcome to The Five Galaxies, which is a reference to the Estra galaxy (aka Milky Way) and the other four galaxies of the Radnian Cluster in the Takamo Universe.

The goal of this blog is to provide you with descriptions, histories, and other bits of  Takamo Universe lore.

What is Takamo Universe?  It is several things. First, it is the backstory of Takamo, a computer moderated sci-fi game developed in the early 1980s that has been running in various iterations since 1982.  Second, it is an invitation-only play-by-email game populated by hundreds of player and non-player (NPC) empires struggling for dominance. The game is being used as a testbed for features intended for the new massively multiplayer online game we are creating. Finally, it is a series of novels and short stories available in e-book, paperback and audiobook formats on and other outlets.  More about that later. Right now, lets talk preliminaries;

Terran Standard Dating

Takamo Universe stories uniformly use Terran Standard Dating (TSD), also known as the Terran Standard Calendar (TSC). This artificial construct is used, not because every civilization in the Five Galaxies bows to the Terran notion of time, but because you dear reader, are Terran, and the use of a Terran chronological framework to ease your understanding of the flow events just makes good sense.

The Galactic Compass and Geography

The cardinal directions; north, south, east, and west, are used to describe direction along the plane of the galactic disc. Geographically, the outer edges of the disc are referred to as the rim. The galaxy is divided into five main parts; the central bulge is named the Core or Coreward Marches, while the disc is divided into quadrants. The Northern Reaches, the Southern Reaches, the Eastern or Leeward Reaches, and the Western or Rimward Reaches describe these quadrants.

What's Next

Next time, I'll tell you all about the books that have been published, the books that are in the pipeline, and the authors that are writing them.



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