Side Trip - Writing for Takamo Universe

We Interrupt this Program ...

   I said I would be talking about the Eastern quadrant of the galaxy today. I lied. Instead, we are taking a little side trip. We are going behind the scenes so I can talk with you in general terms about how Takamo Universe novels.

It's A Game

   Takamo Universe novels are a spinoff of our (the TU Development Team) effort to convert the old PBM, Takamo, into a massively multiplayer online game. Most readers already know that so I won't belabor the point except to say that because this crazy sci-fi game has been running for thirty plus years, that the history of gameplay has created a vast playground from which my fertile (read 'nutty') mind has crafted the backstory of the novels. 

And -  It's Not

   To my delight, the backstory began to take on a life of its own when we started to solicit authors to write short stories that would become game content in the online version. What we got was a whole new look at the Takamo Universe. Turns out those sci-fi writers had great imaginations and began to craft amazing characters; go figure. They also propounded on politics, space travel and warfare using the supersecret Takamo Universe Wiki that is reserved for the 'special' people. Actually, it's just an amalgamation of writings and chronologies by me, the gamers of Takamo, and the writers working with us. All of it is proprietary, and for purposes of galactic security, you can't have access unless you sign your life away, AND you are actually going to write for us.

The Best Part

   The books that have been released and those in the hopper use the same backstory, so characters and events in one novel, may pop up or be referenced in another book by a different author. The characters and timeline thread together in a glowing star-filled tapestry.  For now, we have classic sci-fi and sci-fi romance titles. Soon, we will add detective mysteries, spy stories, political thrillers, technical manuals, perhaps a horror story or two, dusty old histories, and probably other categories that I haven't thought of yet. Just no erotica or its ilk. After all, mom, my nieces, and my nephew read this stuff, and I hate those uncomfortable silences at the dinner table.

We Are Looking

   I am looking for more writers. If you are a writer who has a passion for space opera or any of the other areas I mentioned, and you think it might be fun to write in our universe, contact me. Along with all of the story types listed above, I am especially keen to bring on one or two hard military sci-fi writers; someone who can write from a grunt's point of view or a captains chair. 

There's a war going on in Terra, and I need boots on the ground and warships on the horizon!

Next Time - The Eastern Rim. No, Really!


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