Eastern Estra Galaxy

The Eastern or Leeward Reaches

The Corporations

   The eastern regions are the industrial heart of the galaxy. Many of the most substantial mining and industrial concerns were here. These were not just mines and industries sprinkled about the cosmos. These were business concerns that have become empires, owning vast territories with millions of starsystems. Corporate empires like Outer Rim Mining didn't have factories; they had factory worlds. They didn't mine holes in the surface of a planet; they strip-mined entire starsystems. 

   Some of the busiest shipping lanes were to be found here as well, including the Kells Trail and Fulham Run, which originated in Ecossais and reached eastward to the Fulham Empire and the easternmost edge of the galaxy. Moon-sized trade stations, like the Strail Trade Hub in Teska Trade Territory, floated majestically in starsystems replete with cityworlds, orbital stardocks, and massive starship anchorages. Strail was the terminus for the Fulham Run to the east, the Seneco Run coming from the Kerimata Trade Hub in Sensa territory, and the Teska Run leading southwest to Fastil Mining Corporation.

The Pirates

   The Leeward Reaches were home to two main pirate leagues; the Klevessan Republic and the Ralleb. The Sha Sha Minh and Ja'hath were also active in the more coreward regions of eastern Estra.


   The Klevessans were a human race who valued wealth and status. Republic is home to thieves, con-men, merchants, and agents of trade. The Klevessan’s were accepting of other races, welcoming those on the run and offering sanctuary within their borders for the nominal fee of ten stellar years servitude aboard a Klevessan vessel. Their code of ethics was exemplified in the common sayings, “What I can have for my own, I will keep for my own.” and “Profit takes many forms.” Ruled by a familial house, the government was an anarcho-capitalist regime. Laws were few but absolute. Citizens were classed by levels from 1 to 4 based on inherited wealth, family privilege, and acquired wealth. Level 1’s were the poor of their society, providing food and basic necessities for higher levels. Levels 2 and 3 were usually merchant ship officers and crew. Level 4s were the wealthiest of Klevessan citizens, they were often the heirs of 'old money' gained from family, business ventures or more nefarious means.


  The Ralleb was an elusive pirate guild of human and other humanoid alien races that inhabited the southern face of the Dendan Cluster in the uncharted Foota Rift. Their ships moved along the stellar cloudbanks looking for lone freighters. At times they had been involved with popular insurrections in empires along the Foota Rift coast. Several worlds in the Egian Colonies and the Gelsemium Pact had sought the aide of the Ralleb, often to their sorrow.

Tarmak Empire freighter operating in the Vortik Arm.

The Rogue Empires

   'Rogue' was the term the more law-abiding communities of the galaxy used for those empires who were not just involved in criminal activity. That could be said of most galactic civilizations. The Rogue empires were not only bad actors, they were overtly interested in the destruction of their neighbors, not as a conquest, but for hate's sake. They wanted the other beings of the galaxy dead.

   Cerebus, House Mako, and to a lesser extent the Ralleb were considered rogue states by the leeward empires of the Estra Galaxy.


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